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The Magical Wood

WT-DisneyHi all

had a great weekend filming topped off by a long drive to Hertfordshire on Sunday to do an event shoot for Woodland Trust and Disney. The Magical Wood is the largest new native forest in England with some 15,000 new trees being planted. The partnership between the Woodland Trust and Disney celebrated its 10th anniversary with some 100 volunteers turning out in very cold and windy conditions to help plant some 3000 saplings on Sunday, well done all.

WT-Disney-2A couple of volunteers

WT-Disney-3Pre planting warm up

TPT Silkstone

TPT-silkstone Happy Friday all

as part of a commission shoot for Christmas cards I ventured out earlier in the week to scout a few locations, one of which was the Trans Pennine Trail at Silkstone and although it was a thoroughly dismal day with deep mud and fog it was great to be out and about.

The Husky gang managed to drag me through Nabbs Wood far faster than should be done on 2 legs and I very nearly finished up on my bum several times, people in the neighbouring village probably heard me cursing them. However their one redeeming grace is that when you need to go uphill you just say ‘Go’ and away you shoot up the hill, one trick that works a treat every time.

Got my copy of the book yesterday you ‘Barging Round Britain’ by John Sergeant and my name is in it , in fact reference the photographs the book it’s more like  ‘the Adrian Ashworth show’, I did 75%+ of the images used so I’m very proud. Inner and end cover shots too as well as some shots with John himself.

I’m credited in the back with 5 canals and 2 other photographers with 1 each, I feel a weekend of reading coming on, that is of course after I have watched the accompanying TV show which is aired tonight ITV 8pm for the next 8 weeks, very excited.

have a great weekend


Up Above The Streets And Houses

RainbowWell I couldn’t resist with the title, think we all remember Rainbow don’t we?


This is another of my shots for my FBIPP qualification folio panel next week.

Yes I know you’re wondering why the sky is lighter inside the rainbow and darker on the outside, here’s the tech

“The lighter sky under a rainbow is created by the way that light is bent inside raindrops. The raindrops also focus the sunlight into an expanse of bright light that illuminates the sky under the rainbow’s arc”

Clever stuff eh? either way it creates a beautiful effect and I never tire of shooting rainbows when I get the chance.

Off shooting canals this afternoon in West Yorkshire, some really beautiful walks along the Aire Calder and then off to Birmingham at the weekend.




Hollins Cross Fun

Hollins Cross Fun

Had a fabulous weekend away with my big sis, her hubby Dave, Jo and Stormy of course, this shot however is of two girls we met on our walk, said I would post the pic for them, so get in touch if you want a copy girls, Free of course.

Beautiful weather made it a superb weekend and the Peaks were heaving with tourists, just how it should be, para gliding, hand gliding, spectators etc etc, great fun for all.

Then we went to The Rising Sun at Shelley for their Harvest Festival auction, 50% of the proceeds towards Woodhead Mountain Rescue, great evening, lovely people and it raised approx £650 for our team, so appreciated and a really good laugh especially the landlord father, what a character. I won a Huddersfield Giants signed ball, I’ll put it with my England One I got years ago. Nigel has a strange fascination with onions, bets not to ask but he did a lovely little speech at the end to say thank you for the locals support. Me and Jo, Bill and Penny, George,  Simon plus Nigel and his wife… several lots of



One Tog And His Dog – A start

One Tog And His Dog - Picture courtesy of a good friend Steve Bark

























Well I finally started writing. After months of putting it off for various reasons, mainly me being lazy!, I have dedicated time to writing the book and story of Stormy the Husky and her doting Photographer of a dad! won’t go into too much detail as there are still developing ideas regarding where the end product will be placed in the market but I’m excited and buzzing which is great. I’ll post sections as and when I compete them as well as my normal blog too. I have stopped the flickr uploads  and several other sites to increase writing time, certainly going to try and compete at least a good paragraph or so a day, I know , I know it does seem much but I have to get into the flow of this and I thought I should  set myself an achievable bench mark to start with.


They say everyone has a book in them – SO HERE GOES


all my best




Hmmm, “Thinking Glass Half Full”

Thinking Glass Half Full


































Slight departure for me I know but I was doing some shots at a local Gallery and couldn’t resist, the title says it all.

Really pleased to say teat “the Photographer are doing a 5 page special feature on me for March/April issue, have just read the final draft and it’s fab, think I’ll use it for my bio on the website….BIG thank you to Jonathan Briggs for his writing and editing skills.

Quiet weekend ahead, I hope so much my back plays fair and allows me get out Sunday for a coast or moors trip…Stormy’s desperate to be in the sea again as I am too..


Have a great weekend all



Autumn Winds

Autumn Winds

Had a fab weekend away at Clumber Park, we went down Friday afternoon and got the van set up in 30 mins then went for a lovely walk through the autumn woods, Stormy was bouncing in and out of the leaves, it’s such a beautiful time of year and the colours are breathtaking. All too quickly the light faded and we made our way back to the caravan site, we turned the heating on full and settled in for the night

Saturday saw the weather turn for the worse very strong winds forcing branches to bend to breaking point. We had two walks and this shot was taken on the first, Lime Tree Avenue is what it says 4 lines of Lime Trees cascaded with autumn leaves  for miles, gorgeous. Now I’d love to say it was a luck shot but I got Jo to throw a handful into the wind……I know but it’s the final image that counts isn’t it?

Later in the day we went to see Santa turn the lights on at Clumber Park, I photographed Lewis my great nephew with Santa (below). Now I’m not one to complain but it was very poorly done, he was late for a start as he was still doing his £3-50 robbery of children and parents for substandard gifts.  When he finally showed and pushed the button they had to use a radio to tell the guy round the back of the building to throw the switch giving it a 2 second gap…..we did laugh. The lights once on were poorly done, they could have made so much more of this as loads of kids had dragged their parents to see him….pity

Lewis Stacey my Great Nephew


Sunset Rocks

Sunset Rocks

Been really busy lately so I’ll keep this short and sweet, Just completed the Christmas light, fireworks and German market shoots for Barnsley, really enjoyed myself and got to meet Bob the builder, she was very nice…..can I say that?…today was the heritage minister and lotto shoot for the regeneration of Barnsley’s fantastic Town Hall, they have done a magnificent job, looks so beautiful, very proud of my town.


Below a couple of shots from last night, looking forward to a little break now…….


have a great weekend





Barnsley Town Hall








Barnsley Fireworks

Their Lives Gave Us Peace

Their Lives Gave Us Peace

A very special image for today and one I would like to dedicate to my grandfather Francis Stevenson who took part in the ‘D’ landings 6th June 1944, there were some 9000 casualties (estimate), he died when I was a child in the late 60’s, I can just remember him. My mother only got his war medals in the 90’s and I believe the war office is still producing them today for families of  soldiers who never received them.

It says so much about these men who fought to save out today’s that they weren’t bothered to go and get their medals. Mum said grandad didn’t talk about the war, not that it was a taboo subject, you just didn’t talk about it. Whole streets of young men went to war together and never came back, dying side by side  and for what……

We treat our freedom with such complacency today as though it’s just there! while we still have our young men fighting to protect our shores from terrorist abroad. We are protected by a media bubble that inst allowed to show the true horrors of Afghanistan and other campaigns because of health and safety and the fact someone may be eating their dinner.

We allow every nation and creed to celebrate their own religion in our country and ask only that we get along peacefully, unfortunately their are elements of society bent on destroying this peace. I don’t know the answer to this problem I just wonder what my grandfather would think of it all now, all I can do is to live now as he fought for and live my life the best I can, caring, supporting, understanding and having compassion for others, hopefully this will reflect in my day to day life and I’ll be on the right tracks to be a true man like he was.

“They shall grow not old, as those that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.”

God bless them all



Feeding The Ducks

Bakewell - Feeding The Ducks


Thought I’d start the week off with a light hearted image. This one an Asian family unwittingly pulled into my world of daftness. They were happily looking on as the birds swam past enjoying the beautiful Bakewell sunshine when I accosted them  and asked them to throw their bread in. “It’s dinner” they said, but I got them to trow it anyway, they were having sucha good laugh, really lovely to see such closeness and happiness in a family, dad stood out of shot giving the little girl direction from the left.

More to follow later

have a great day


Natural light with flash fill