Hackfall – Pt1

Hackfall-River Hi all

a couple of shots from my recent commission shoot at Hackfall Woods in North Yorkshire, probably the best woods in the country, and you can even kayak there in the main river. Had a fabulous 5 mile walk round it though carrying all my kit was truly a pain I will remember for quite a while.

There are follies galore as well as all manner of flora and fauna to view, I was in search of bluebells for my commission but could resist the other attractions Hackfall had to offer.

Me and Wayne my trusty sidekick were on location at 4:45am ready for sunrise, unfortunately it didn’t materialise as predicted, darn BBC weather!

Hackfall-Bluebells-Rays-FBAnyway after parking in the nearby free but SMALL car park we headed along the path and into the woodland. I won’t spoil the beauty of the surprises you’ll encounter but let’s just say you won’t be disappointed with the views of the follies.

Hackfall-Bluebells-woodHere is the view from the main path high up above the woods.


More to follow


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