Hackfall Pt 2

WTH26-SkyEvening all

ooohhh Dixon of Dock Green for those old enough to remember, seem to remember it ran into the 70’s but lately I’ve been listening to it on the radio but with David Tennant as his sidekick Andy Crawford, Dixon being played by David Calder, worth a listen….anyway  I appear to have gone off at a tangent!! you can tell it’s almost the weekend.

Here we have a couple more images from my Hackfall Woods shoot that I was commissioned to do recently. Beautiful paths adorned with wild garlic and stunning bluebells in full bloom and we had it all to ourselves, I get some really nice jobs to do. This one is sunrise at 4:55 the sun just hitting the trees to the left.

As you walk along and up the paths you are drawn ever higher through the canopy of the trees and eventually you are presented with wonderful tree top views.

WTH23 Stunning tree tops bathed in the sunrise with such beautiful colours.

Part of the walk takes you past what I thought was just a folly called ‘The Ruin’ it is in fact ‘The Banqueting House’ which has been restored and is let out as a holiday cottage by The Landmark Trust. WTH24-Sky

The view looking up towards ‘The Ruin’ holiday let, it command spectacular views across the whole woods and beyond. Apparently you have to come out of the door on the right across teh balcony and into the door on the left to use the toilet, could be a little dodgy in the depth of night, quite a long drop if you get it wrong!……

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