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Dam Stones

Dam Stones

hhhmmmm, Ok bad title but I’m that busy getting ready for Skye and my ABIPP accreditation  I think I fried my brain so it’s the first thing that came to me…

Not quite sure what the old stones were for but to the left of shot and further up the reservoir is the Derwent Dam scene of the Dambuster practice runs

Derwent reservoir was used by the RAF’s Dambusters to practise their low level flying techniques during 1943, in preparation for delivering Barnes Wallis’ famous ‘bouncing bombs’ to German dams. Located in the West Tower of the Derwent Valley Dam is the Derwent Dam (617 Squadron) Museum which houses a collection of memorabilia dedicated to the famous Dams Raid carried out by 617 “Dambusters” Squadron)”

Anyway back to the shot, as usual wellies on, knee deep in water/mud and sinking fast the symmetry was screening at me for a shot and I couldn’t refuse, I loved the reflection and lines of the stones, the dramatic skies adding to the composition, earphone pumping out some tunes, what a place.

Did some tutoring there Tuesday and even though it was dreary and damp it didn’t disappoint, Derwent always has an abundance of lines and reflections that always appear new to me. A place you have to keep returning to.

Stormy’s training class tonight, we had to stand in the naughty corner last week…..don’t ask!, needless to say I have been working hard training her this week so hopefully she will perform with perfection.

Have fun


Sutton Bank Cliff Top

Sutton Bank Cliff Top

A very quick upload today, one from Sutton Bank North Yorkshire

Standing very precariously on the edge of the cliff with what felt like a force 6 gale trying to carry you over to meet your maker some what earlier than anticipated may not be your ideal start to a day but believe me I was 4 inches from the edge and I never felt more alive, is this what adrenaline junkies get?  Jo was calling me back and a few other choice words too, bless her she didn’t want to drive home on her own!


Anyway it’s a beautiful part of Yorkshire and has to be on your tick list…..Oh and in the shot there is a glider,  look at the end of the cliff and up about a third into the sky.


Off on a shoot this morning and tutoring this afternoon in The Peaks, really looking forward to it. So is Stormy


Have a great day



Like The Setting Sun

Like The Setting Sun

Like the Setting Sun
We close the day when nights begun
Like the Setting Sun
We know when all’s been said and done
Let us brush aside our fears

Lyrics from “like The setting Sun” Pace Vendome one of my fav bands

Hey Hey it’s Friday at last, I have had a great morning my mate Glyn his wife Katia and beautiful daughter Kira are over from Germany, had a great catch up  and was soooo nice to see them. took some shots of Kira with Stormy. I’m amazed at how Kira at such a tender age can switch from German to English without a thought, boy has she got a great life ahead.

Got a lovely shoot tomorrow, a wetland moor and RSPB centre, Stormy is in for a treat it’s only 5km but should be full of wildlife  to film. Plus were looking at new caravans in the morning, we don’t need one ours is only a year old but my sister is buying one and it got us thinking about renewing next September maybe.

Sunset at Rhosneigr, when will we move there? will be back down end October/November to complete my season shots for a calendar.

Have a great weekend all




The Plague – Church of St Lawrence Eyam

Church Of St Lawrence - Eyam































Beautiful church at Eyam, Church of St Lawrence holds such a sad past, you may remember the plague village in your history books at school….today it’s a major tourist attraction and well worth a visit to teh church and area.


A potted history  from the church website

In 1665 the Plague was raging in London. A tailor from Eyam by the name of George Viccars ordered some cloth from the capital and it arrived damp and had to be laid out to dry. This released the plague carrying fleas and within days, Viccars fell ill and died. Several of his neighbors also died and some families began to panic and fled the area. William Mompesson, the rector, supported by Thomas Stanley, a former incumbent, feared that this would spread the disease over a wider area and asked villagers to quarantine themselves.
Image © and medical supplies were left at various points on the village boundary. Eyam church was closed and services were held in Cucklett Delf, a valley nearby where a Plague Commemorative Service is still held annually. There were no funerals and families buried their own dead near their homes. At nearby Riley a Mrs. Hancock buried her husband and 6 children in a space of 8 days. The Riley graves, as they are known, are still there.

The Plague ended in October 1666 and had claimed 260 lives in an 18 month period. Some of the cottages now carry a commemorative plaque. An authentic history of those fearful months is vividly told in the two floors of Eyam Museum which can be found near the coach park. The museum also looks at other aspects of village life in Eyam.


More later, enjoy your wednesday



Curbar Sunrise Rays

Thought I’d get back to some classic landscape shots before we head up to the Isle of Skye, cant wait I feel like those kids do on the Disneyland advert, it’s Christmas come early for me.

This shot is from Curbar Edge in The Peaks, the sleepy village below is gently waking to a swirl of mist as the sun begins its ascent and burns away the cloud to reveal a wondrous Peaks valley below, ah if Heineken did sunrises!

Got a horrible day now finding business insurance that can include me taking people in the car for location training, not easy and certainly not cheap, ah well gotta have it so it’ll be a day with my nose buried in my iMac,  wish it was a big mac.

Soon be Friday again




Castleton Powderkegs
































Back to work Monday hey! how depressing, not to worry we had a fabulous weekend at Loosehill and Castleton with my sister and her hubby and another couple George and Lorraine. we had a coupe of lovely little walks into Castleton and on Saturday came across The Powderkegs 10th Birthday dance.

The Powderkegs began in 2001 from a small group of “groupies” of the Chapel-en-le-Frith Morris Men, they dance Cotswold in a men only side. We saw Border Dancing at weekends away and it looked great fun – we wanted to have a go. We live near the Peak District and could not find a local side to join so we decided to start our own. We went for a workshop with the Flagcrackers who taught us 2 dances to get us going  – Upton stick and Hey up Joe. We headed back for the hills with 12 willing (well most of them were) dancers and musicians.

Luckily the weather played fair for them at least, on Saturday night there was a fantastic full moon , so I was all set for a moonlight jaunt up Mam Tor but all too quickly it disappeared behind storm clouds and then the rain came, and it came ….  Didn’t bother us too much as there’s nothing like the rain patting down on the caravan roof as you lay there all snug and warm, I could just hear the gentle breathing from Stormy as she lay at the other end of the van, nothing phases her and she just takes all in her stride never complaining…little love she is.

I managed to get several shots of the Powderkegs, great bunch of guy and gals, so nice to see we have this type of culture alive and well in our area, they drew great crowds and I’m sure new followers. Very good for Castleton and the area’s tourism.

Will post more later

enjoy the week and batten down those hatches, big winds a comin’



The Flare

The Flare

The Flare, well what else could I have called it?

Took me ages to get right and after running through the forrest for what seemed an age and trying and failing umpteen times I managed this.

Handheld and barreling back the lens ever so slightly to retain the rear trees at the same time on a 1/2 sec shot, believe me you need a real steady hand, I must have done this 30-40 times before I got this so I’m real pleased with it.

Looking forward to Loosehill at  the weekend  with my sis and hubby and hopefully  I will have finished my latest commission then too, gone really well and lovely people, I’ll post some shots next week when I have more time.

The weather is appalling at the moment too, really heavy showers then windy then sunny, I have set off on 2 walks so far and ended up absolutely soaking, not good for my aching body…. Stormy’s not bothered, in fact I think she quite likes the rain.

My new camera bag came yesterday and I have been transferring my gear over, never seems as easy to do as you get used to your kit been in a certain place but needs must and I need to carry more gear now.

Jo’s gone out for tea with friends so I think its gourmet night at chez Ashworth, now should I put cheese on my beans on toast or not, what the hell you only live once I’m having Lurpak too

have fun



Gently Does it

Gently Does It

Hey it’s Monday again, where does the weekend go, you wash 2 cars , cut the grass do a few dog walks and it’s gone, I can’t even remember what I wanted to do it went that fast…didn’t some minister once want us to work Mon-Thur then have 3 days off, what the hell happened to that for a brilliant idea, instead you have to now work until you’re 115 years old to get a measly pension that will just about cover your tea fund!

Got a busy week ahead, a couple of commission shoots plus I need to get on with my accreditation work ready for October and we’re away at Loose Hill Castleton this Friday for the weekend with my big sis…really looking forward to it, we don’t get together enough and she only lives 15 miles away, Stormy will get some big walkies in too, I think the weather is supposed to improve again for then, fingers crossed.

The image was taken on a very gentle evening, the boats swaying ever so smoothly in the calm sea, I did actually have to walk nearly thigh deep in the sea to get to this rock and gain a composition always looking behind me as the tide crept in and stole my escape route. Anyway I’m here so all worked out well.

here’s to a great week ahead and oohhh let’s see what plans I can make for the weekend…. car cleaning!



Birthday Treat

Boat Pool Sunburst

Well it’s Friday and more importantly it’s my BIRTHDAY WWWHHHEEEYYY, ok more whey! I think as you get older the magic fades a little especially with every pair of socks, underwear and packet of soft chocolates you receive so they don’t pull your fillings.


I remember as a kid (yes I can remember that far back) the excitement of getting up and rushing downstairs, where there would be a table full of wrapped presents, oohh the mystery and anticipation of it all, but if you really cast your mind back you just pretty much got the same crap you get today, it’s just your mind now accepts it as such, back then a cardboard box was fantastic wasn’t it?

For me now my birthday is far more spiritual, I have Jo and Stormy and a few great friends who help me far more than they know and I think if you have this combination then you have a birthday every day, its just the rest of the year you don’t have new socks!

Today’s shot is the Boat Pool AGAIN with a sunburst as the setting sun disappears over the horizon, it’s one of my fav places standing knee deep in the sea, headphones on….ahh bliss

Quiet day today processing shots, I did a shoot yesterday of Maria Miller Minister for disabled people as she met local disabled people and groups which was a very low key affair. A very nice woman indeed and a pleasure to photograph.

Thanks for all the happy birthdays on FB, really appreciate it…..

Looking forward to a nice walk with Stormy later, will I get to the sea this weekend, I hope so.

Have s great weekend




Sutton Heather

Sutton Heather

Another from Sutton Bank from the weekend, love the composition but unfortunately the sun didn’t play fair and shine fully where I would have liked, shame on you Mr Sun!…

Off to collect my portfolio prints today so hope they look as good as the printer said they do, then its a day of writing apart form taking Stormy for her booster injection, sure she’ll enjoy that, mind you she enjoys all the fuss the vets and staff make over her.

Nearly Friday and I’ll be 30 again tomorrow….hhmmm I wish