Birthday Treat

Boat Pool Sunburst

Well it’s Friday and more importantly it’s my BIRTHDAY WWWHHHEEEYYY, ok more whey! I think as you get older the magic fades a little especially with every pair of socks, underwear and packet of soft chocolates you receive so they don’t pull your fillings.


I remember as a kid (yes I can remember that far back) the excitement of getting up and rushing downstairs, where there would be a table full of wrapped presents, oohh the mystery and anticipation of it all, but if you really cast your mind back you just pretty much got the same crap you get today, it’s just your mind now accepts it as such, back then a cardboard box was fantastic wasn’t it?

For me now my birthday is far more spiritual, I have Jo and Stormy and a few great friends who help me far more than they know and I think if you have this combination then you have a birthday every day, its just the rest of the year you don’t have new socks!

Today’s shot is the Boat Pool AGAIN with a sunburst as the setting sun disappears over the horizon, it’s one of my fav places standing knee deep in the sea, headphones on….ahh bliss

Quiet day today processing shots, I did a shoot yesterday of Maria Miller Minister for disabled people as she met local disabled people and groups which was a very low key affair. A very nice woman indeed and a pleasure to photograph.

Thanks for all the happy birthdays on FB, really appreciate it…..

Looking forward to a nice walk with Stormy later, will I get to the sea this weekend, I hope so.

Have s great weekend




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