Gently Does it

Gently Does It

Hey it’s Monday again, where does the weekend go, you wash 2 cars , cut the grass do a few dog walks and it’s gone, I can’t even remember what I wanted to do it went that fast…didn’t some minister once want us to work Mon-Thur then have 3 days off, what the hell happened to that for a brilliant idea, instead you have to now work until you’re 115 years old to get a measly pension that will just about cover your tea fund!

Got a busy week ahead, a couple of commission shoots plus I need to get on with my accreditation work ready for October and we’re away at Loose Hill Castleton this Friday for the weekend with my big sis…really looking forward to it, we don’t get together enough and she only lives 15 miles away, Stormy will get some big walkies in too, I think the weather is supposed to improve again for then, fingers crossed.

The image was taken on a very gentle evening, the boats swaying ever so smoothly in the calm sea, I did actually have to walk nearly thigh deep in the sea to get to this rock and gain a composition always looking behind me as the tide crept in and stole my escape route. Anyway I’m here so all worked out well.

here’s to a great week ahead and oohhh let’s see what plans I can make for the weekend…. car cleaning!



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