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Sea Through

Sea Through

well firstly excuse the pun couldn’t resit…..

Its Thursday and raining so that must mean I need to be outside today, who is this person and his laws called sod?

Anyway this is yet another sunset from Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries Scotland, I still have loads left to process, I’ll get round to them when I’m bored. The area like Anglesey has much to be explored and I can spend many a happy hour shin deep in the sea waiting to catch that beautiful sun rise/fall across the horizon.

Well its big car and caravan cleaning day today ready for Anglesey, hate it but love seeing things clean, Stormy’s getting really lazy and wouldn’t get up for a walk this morning, I think she could hear the rain and thought better of it, she is way too clever for 11 months old.




Gatehouse of Fleet Sunset

Gatehouse of Fleet Sunset

Back to a good old sunset today, this taken at my fav place in Scotland Gatehouse of Fleet, well actually its Mossyard where we rent a cottage.

It’s one of those places where I can just stand in the sea and  soak in the sunset with its deep amber reflections and the smell of the sea, as I walk back to the cottage I keep turning round to look at the sea as it retreats into the darkness. Ahhhh soon be there again


Have a great Wednesday



Wentworth Castle & Gardens

Duke of Argyll's Column

Just spent a wonderful afternoon walking round Wentworth Castle Barnsley, right on my doorstep as well which makes a change from all the tramming about I have to do. Started off sitting in the main event field with deer all around, beautiful animals and one was so tame it came within a few feet of me and Stormy, April the Wentworth Visitor Officer came over to us and explained Lucy the deer looked a little poorly so hopefully she’s arranged for some medical help for her, this been the reason she came so close, poor dear excuse the pun.

Anyway April gave a potted guide around the estate and I’m arranging to go back in and do some event work and private work too, its certainly a fantastic estate and very much worth a visit, we only had a couple of hours there but I would imaging a full day is needed to fully appreciate the vast expanse and wealth of history you can take in.

We only walked a short while and came across the Duke of Argyll’s column

The column was built in 1743 to commemorate John, Duke of Argyll, father in law to William Wentworth and an important agent for the Act of Union with Scotland and surprisingly, in getting King George I to take the British throne. The column is modelled on one in Rome at Santa Maria Maggiore and instead of an angel has a statue of Fame on the top.

Certainly curious as to how it was built so high up there, a credit to the stone masons and sculptures alike indeed.

Will be back there soon to catalogue and build a Wentworth brochure/calendar

Very much worth a visit, its open 364 days a year and the coffee is great

See Link HERE


Firstly apologies, I haven’t been keeping up with my Peak District Online Blog updates so to make amends here are 2 links

Blog 7 and Blog 8

The Magic of Water






















Polariser Filter When and Why

Bleaklow Burnt Amber

Bleaklow Burnt Amber

Hi and thanks for looking, had a great walk Sunday with the gang up on Bleaklow Head from the A57 Snake Pass, its about an 8km round trip so very light and easily done, crisscrossing the stream and climbing Hern and Wain Stones, was a lovely cool Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t play fair and the view was blocked by bank of fog/mist in the distance so we didn’t manage to see Pen Pumlumon Arwystli near Llanidloes in mid-Wales, 104 miles distant or The Lake District, never mind try again soon.

On the way back down the sun was setting and casting fantastic rays across the moors and with the mist hugging the tops of the hills it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Blog 8 on Peak District Online later will post link



Edale Silk

Edale Silk

One more form a while ago still loads to process, Edale Silk, as the name suggests its in Edale and err well it looks silky..hhmmm anyway, its up Grinds Brook towards Kinder Scout which I’ll be doing very soon.

Shot with tripod of course and Lee .9 ND grad filter to take the glare of the light on top and prolong the shutter speed to create the silk water effect, also has Helipan 105mm Polariser on to bring out the colours.

Maybe offline rest of the week, got a few things to deal with, will catch up next week.



In Love or A Chipping Idiot

Curbar In Love

Hi all and firstly what a great Monday, sun shining, birds singing, done a walk with Stormy already 6am so she’s happy eating her dinner now.

Bit of a rant for this mornings blog although I must admit to being a little impressed too.

Yesterday we had a fab walk with friends Mark and Karen and of course Stormy too, we walked from Curbar Edge car park along to Froggatt Edge and back, a decent few hour walk especially as I was taking shots constantly. Met some lovely people, naturally Stormy was the star of the show taking her fame in her stride, not bad for a 10 month old is it?. (I’m jealous)

Anyway high up on one of the cliffs I came across this chipping declaring 7 years in love. Now I am a romantic at heart, or at least I like to think so but and its a big BUT why oh why would you want to vandelise such a prominent piece of our natural landscape with your undying love, bet their not even together anymore!

It is beautifully done and must have taken ages and lets face it I bet their partner was very impressed once he/she got over the shock of seeing this eye sore in such a beautiful setting. I know its given me a blog piece and I have taken shots as many other photographers have, but I still think it would be better not done here.

More to follow later, have a great day.


Saturday Blog

Froggatt Edge Millstones

Saturday at last, thought I’d do a post before heading off to work. This is a shot of the millstones on Froggatt Edge in The Peaks, we’re  going back down there tomorrow with friends for a good long walk, really looking forward to it, cant beat exploring can you?.

I didn’t go any further than this point so will carry on a little tomorrow and see whats round the corner, you never know!

Been out with Stormy at 6am what a fabulous sunrise, I can never understand how and why people stay in bed at the weekend when we have so much to do, especially after that super moon last night, think Over Owler is begging for a night time shot real soon…Graham get ready!

Have a great weekend all

Forgot to mention 2 pieces of good news amidst the usual crap of life, I am guest photographer for The Classic Rock Society and for “Pendragon” 4th June, cant wait and I am also doing the photography for a Peak District ghost hunt early May, so get ready for some spooky shots, Stormy cant come on this one though, she’ll scare the ghost away.



Froggatt Edge – Secret Path, not anymore

Froggatt Edge Secret Path

Managed a lovely few hours walk up on Froggatt Edge yesterday with Steve and Stormy, were going back this Sunday with the gang to do the 7 mile version Froggatt – Baslow, remember this is FREE anyone can do this, stop wasting time in front of the TV you will love it I guarantee it. Such a gentle walk up from the A625 roadside car park with views all the way up and along. Met quite a few people and there were groups of climbers laughing and geering each other on  as they clambered up the steep cliffs that make this location such a draw to novice and pro climbers alike.

Used my 105mm polariser on this shot, you can tell by the punchy colours white fluffy clouds and added detail in the rocks, a worthy filter to add to your kit bag for sure, I never leave home without it….

The foot path although not secret otherwise it would be overgrown just looked like it could be….ah time for a tablet I fear.

Was really nice to have some sunshine on my face and feel the cool breeze and the smells that spring brings across the countryside, could stay there all day but needs must and I’m sat in now waiting for deliveries all day so I can work tomorrow on a customer site, nice to earn for a change, it’ll be roast beef for dinner then I


have a great weekend



Edale Splash

Edale Splash

Thought we could do with a pick me up shot today as its been so grey and dull outside this week. Well this is Edale Splash at Grinds Brook Edale, a beautiful walk up towards Kinder Scout In The Peaks, its a fairly gradual walk which teamed up with sunshine and a packed lunch will take you a couple of hours and take in some breathtaking scenery and plenty of water falls of varying sizes. This little waterfall was just begging for a shot taking, don’t think the composition could have been much better, and thats nature doing not mine, I just stood in the water and pressed the shutter release.


Today’s looking promissing, Froggat Edge later hopefully with Steve and Stormy