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Froggatt Edge Millstones

Saturday at last, thought I’d do a post before heading off to work. This is a shot of the millstones on Froggatt Edge in The Peaks, we’re  going back down there tomorrow with friends for a good long walk, really looking forward to it, cant beat exploring can you?.

I didn’t go any further than this point so will carry on a little tomorrow and see whats round the corner, you never know!

Been out with Stormy at 6am what a fabulous sunrise, I can never understand how and why people stay in bed at the weekend when we have so much to do, especially after that super moon last night, think Over Owler is begging for a night time shot real soon…Graham get ready!

Have a great weekend all

Forgot to mention 2 pieces of good news amidst the usual crap of life, I am guest photographer for The Classic Rock Society and for “Pendragon” 4th June, cant wait and I am also doing the photography for a Peak District ghost hunt early May, so get ready for some spooky shots, Stormy cant come on this one though, she’ll scare the ghost away.



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