Froggatt Edge – Secret Path, not anymore

Froggatt Edge Secret Path

Managed a lovely few hours walk up on Froggatt Edge yesterday with Steve and Stormy, were going back this Sunday with the gang to do the 7 mile version Froggatt – Baslow, remember this is FREE anyone can do this, stop wasting time in front of the TV you will love it I guarantee it. Such a gentle walk up from the A625 roadside car park with views all the way up and along. Met quite a few people and there were groups of climbers laughing and geering each other on  as they clambered up the steep cliffs that make this location such a draw to novice and pro climbers alike.

Used my 105mm polariser on this shot, you can tell by the punchy colours white fluffy clouds and added detail in the rocks, a worthy filter to add to your kit bag for sure, I never leave home without it….

The foot path although not secret otherwise it would be overgrown just looked like it could be….ah time for a tablet I fear.

Was really nice to have some sunshine on my face and feel the cool breeze and the smells that spring brings across the countryside, could stay there all day but needs must and I’m sat in now waiting for deliveries all day so I can work tomorrow on a customer site, nice to earn for a change, it’ll be roast beef for dinner then I


have a great weekend




  1. Alison March 18, 2011 at 10:51 AM #

    Sounds like you had a lovely day. Just by looking at the photo I can actually smell that spring air…mmm. Might try this trip out myself in the summer (probably not the best time)
    If I get a bit of ‘me’ this weekend I’ll look through your Peak shots again and make my choice.
    Enjoy this weekend’s trip.

    • Adrian March 18, 2011 at 12:17 PM #

      Thanks Alison

      think it will be good anytime, winters would be lovely with fresh snow over the rocks, there are loads of millstones up there too, shots to follow, great with the “me” time we all need that, right now its Stormy time off for a walk, have a great weekend and an even better one if you pick your shots…lol


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