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Curbar Edge Inversion

Curbar-MistEvening all

just a quick update from Curbar Edge where they have a mist inversion near enough every day, well worth a trip out if you’re into mist and scenic views, especially now we’re moving into the colder end of the year.

A quick apology to anyone that has anything -tive from me on Youtube or Facebook, looks like I have been hacked and as such may well have to close all the FB and YT links down and start again….not much fun but it will give me an opportunity to do some much needed house keeping, again apologies to anyone who received anything spurious and unlike me, I’ll try and find everyone again if I have to kill the accounts.

Jo collects her supa doopa new car tomorrow, she’s like a 5 year old, so excited and can’t sleep bless her, she deserves it and more for putting up with me all these years lol. I’ll post pics tomorrow


Holyhead Hay

A late summer evening at Holyhead standing in the freezing cold breeze, I know it may not look it but yes it was perishing. The wind picks up off the Irish sea and blasts round North Stack and straight into your face, still worth it though especially when it includes my trade mark crystal ball.

Out for a hot curry shortly hopefully that will sort the man flu and sore throat out, then I’m away at Hull tomorrow doing a shoot as long as the weather plays fair, a few conflicting reports on whats happening at the moment ranging from Armageddon to a light shower…..either way I’ll be out somewhere in it with Stormy.

Regarding Stormy, her first scan didn’t show anything but the vet that did it didn’t shave much fur off and Stormy wasn’t as cooperative as she could have been so she’s back there next Monday for the definitive scan, Jo’s going to shave her tums on Sunday and hopefully we’ll get the full picture as it were. She is eating well and I’d say more after the fact she didn’t eat for nearly 3 days, all good signs but it could be a phantom!….will report back Monday.

We spent Wednesday evening at HQ Woodhead MRT putting my pictures up in the Barn for functions, looks really nice, I’ll do some shots next week and post them, thanks to Phil and Les for helping get them up and straight.

I’ll be starting my spring/summer Peaks Photography training and be hosting it at the barn this year, info to follow soon.

Have a great weekend all




Scafell Reflections

Morning all

certainly a little bit different from today’s image outdoors isn’t it?

Image taken half way up Scafell Pike when we stopped for a well earned rest and a cuppa. Note to self never ever try carrying your big tripod up Scafell again, you may think you’re big and strong but not for 9 miles, cream crackered is putting it mildly! one of the reasons for me buying the Gitzo 1581OT, so so light and strong.

Back out in the wilds again tomorrow, having a snow day reading today as well as a nice Dearne river walk at lunchtime with her majesty Stormy.




AutumnView and Bleaklow Remembrance Service

Autumn View

A beautiful view from Black Clough looking out towards Pikenaze Moor with a beautiful splash of autumn colour especially in the valley, the trees are turning the most beautiful of shades and when the light is right this season can’t be bettered .

Had a great weekend, finally sorted our new caravan out on Saturday, the order is placed and we’ll be getting it in February 2013 and yesterday I took Stormy on a long walk and met up with other team members from Woodhead MRT and we walked up from Glossop Low to the B 29 crash site on Bleaklow for a small service of remembrance, very moving  and also humbling to be there, great company and great friend to be with. Don’t think anyone will mind in fact they will all be proud I’m sure of  me posting this picture of the team plus honoury dog Stormy doing her Paul McCartney pose, the weather was claggy but the spirits were high and we enjoyed a very nice Sunday walk afterwards down past another crash site of a Blenheim bomber  and then made our way down stopping to enjoy the spectacular views of our Peak District.

Black Rock

Black Rocks

Another from my walk up Blacks on Tuesday, The stream foam has started turning to ice and the Autumn leaves are falling all around. I love the detail in the foreground rocks and the lusciousness  of the greenery covering the banks. will be back again as the seasons change.

Went to the Docs again yesterday, now on antibiotics for pneumonia! yeah I thought that too, should I be up and about on e wonders. Certainly not shifting so hope these do the trick as I have a busy weekend starting.

The insurance finally came through and we have ordered a new caravan, must admit all 3 companies involved in our loss have been excellent in their support and speed at resolution, can’t thanks them enough, Jo has and is so upset about the whole incident, but I’m pleased now we have sorted it all out, means the book will be back on early next year and plenty of trips to get booked.


Hoping you all have a great weekend



Autumn in The Blacks

Autumn in The Blacks

Very windy today and I’m in my third week of chest infection, “the humour has gone out of it now!” to coin a phrase. I came across some interesting reading earlier regarding the flu jab and the number of people that have developed ASTHMA, CHEST INFECTION, FEVERS etc etc you name are astonishing. I would have been better off with flu which would have gone by now. won’t have it next year for sure.

Autumn in The Blacks, what a wonderful walk along the stream with golden leaves floating past and blowing in the wind, yes there’s a song there somewhere! bet its not like that today, be lucky if there are any left on the trees to photograph, just goes to show when you get the chance poorly or not you gotta take it.

2nd full week now with no gym training, can’t believe I have gone this long with out, haven’t missed more than a day or 2 in 10 years, even when on hols I always find a gym, its my drug of choice, seems to do less harm than smoking and drinking and Ive made some great friends over the years. Luckily my training partner Marky Mark is poorly too so I’m pleased about that! all heart me you know.

Trip to printers later to check on canvasses for Civic exhibition and a biggy to get ready for a mate, a freebie but he’s done me a load of favours in the past and thats how we roll, mates look after mates.


On a slightly more serious note if you could find it in your heart to buy a few Christmas presents this year from HERE, you’ll be doing Woodhead Mountain Rescue a huge favour in raising funds to help continue our great work and help with training and equipment, it really is a life saving cause so please do whatever you can afford to please.


Black Clough

Black Clough

Had a lovely walk out yesterday afternoon with Stormy and some great company Gordon and Buster the blonde GSD. The sun was so bright that without filters we struggled to get much above land height balanced with the Clough, winter has started to take away the Autumn colours now although some remnants remain, I’ll post later.

The foam pooling in the stream had started to turn to ice and created beautiful shapes with golden leaves captured like winter jewels….too much poetry like?,  yeah I thought so to, stick to the pictures then, but you get the idea.


The walk was quite treacherous , the banks very slippy and having a manic husky fastened to you doesn’t help, she pulled me all the up and all the way down stumbling and skidding in the boggy bank moss.

Pictures all sorted for the Barnsley Civic exhibition, just need to take to the printers later today and leave for the canvasses creating.



Dumfries Autumn Trig

Dumfries Trig

Beautiful autumn colours everywhere at the moment, the best thing about the UK is that we do have these wonderful transitions of seasons. As we move into winter and the bleak weather takes hold its so comforting to see all the tones that nature deals us as an end of year gift. A walk now will see the ground covered with wilting foliage with great shades of colour and textures.

Got a great night out in the cold tonight with mates, should be fun, camera at the ready for some snow/frost shots tomorrow mornings sunrise.

Today’s shot is from Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries, the coast is just to the left of shot. A lovely autumn walk with fantastic views of the coastline and mountains.

Have a great weekend all



Sometimes you just have to!

Storm Approaching

Although I appreciate that sometimes you cannot avoid putting your tripod in the holes of  a previous photographer,  I hate with a passion seeing the same shot over and over again on sites,  The Peak District has and is being done to death with scores of the same shot and heavy footed togs disturbing the natural landscape. I have purposefully left the Peaks to these guys while I research new and exciting avenues of photography within the area. I hope to come up with some uniqueness in my work as I do now with my current work.

This shot was taken on Buachaille Eite Mòr, Glen Etive area and although I am guilty of the traditional shot of the peak etc etc I turned my attention to an angle or point of view not commonly seen.  I had to kneel in the icy waters to get this shot, believe me not that easy as there is quite a drop behind you into  a plunge pool and whilst carrying 2st of gear I wouldn’t rate my chances!

It does however give I hope a smooth flowing feel from right back to left front with the addition of the storm rolling in from the north, the peak to the left shrouded in mist, it made the odd appearance later on.

We have some snow here in Barnsley today, took Stormy out for her constitutional at 7am and we skidded round the block until we got down by the river and canal, just looking out of my studio window now, the snow is falling again as my conifers bend with the icy wind…….

Long drive tomorrow to Whitchurch, Aylesbury, hope it doesn’t snow too much tonight, I know they have forecast a big freeze so I’ll pack some winter gear in the car and take a flask I think.

Wishing you all a great week all, so pleased they are now playing Christmas songs on the radio and we have our light on too, my fav time of the year for sure, waiting for neighbours to catch up as we’re the only ones lit up…lol looks like Santa’s grotto

Torvaig Sunset

Torvaig Sunset

Strike day hey, Jo’s at home with paint tins out already…God help me! she’s threatening Christmas shopping too, I need an excuse and quick. I start hydrotherapy on my back this afternoon, hope it helps as I’m really getting fed up with the pain now. We have doggy training class to look forward to tonight, Stormy is back to normal after her phantom pregnancy so she should be the little star she was before.

Got some pictures of Kye,  the dog we helped re home this morning, he’s looking gorgeous, so pleased he went with my mate Vaughan and his family,  miss him though and Stormy does.

Today’s image is from Torvaig, Isle of skye. A little village north or Portree, not a great deal there but it does boast some spectacular views to the Old Man of Storr, the Cuillin Hills, Macleods Tables, Raasay and Mainland Scotland. The shot was taken in between heavy storms and reminded me of a Scandinavian scene, the silhouetted trees giving foreground detail.

Good luck to the Public Sector workers striking today, I’m sure you’ll have much support behind you, keep up the fight, we cannot let successive governments trance this great nation into a third world country.