Black Rock

Black Rocks

Another from my walk up Blacks on Tuesday, The stream foam has started turning to ice and the Autumn leaves are falling all around. I love the detail in the foreground rocks and the lusciousness  of the greenery covering the banks. will be back again as the seasons change.

Went to the Docs again yesterday, now on antibiotics for pneumonia! yeah I thought that too, should I be up and about on e wonders. Certainly not shifting so hope these do the trick as I have a busy weekend starting.

The insurance finally came through and we have ordered a new caravan, must admit all 3 companies involved in our loss have been excellent in their support and speed at resolution, can’t thanks them enough, Jo has and is so upset about the whole incident, but I’m pleased now we have sorted it all out, means the book will be back on early next year and plenty of trips to get booked.


Hoping you all have a great weekend



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