In Love or A Chipping Idiot

Curbar In Love

Hi all and firstly what a great Monday, sun shining, birds singing, done a walk with Stormy already 6am so she’s happy eating her dinner now.

Bit of a rant for this mornings blog although I must admit to being a little impressed too.

Yesterday we had a fab walk with friends Mark and Karen and of course Stormy too, we walked from Curbar Edge car park along to Froggatt Edge and back, a decent few hour walk especially as I was taking shots constantly. Met some lovely people, naturally Stormy was the star of the show taking her fame in her stride, not bad for a 10 month old is it?. (I’m jealous)

Anyway high up on one of the cliffs I came across this chipping declaring 7 years in love. Now I am a romantic at heart, or at least I like to think so but and its a big BUT why oh why would you want to vandelise such a prominent piece of our natural landscape with your undying love, bet their not even together anymore!

It is beautifully done and must have taken ages and lets face it I bet their partner was very impressed once he/she got over the shock of seeing this eye sore in such a beautiful setting. I know its given me a blog piece and I have taken shots as many other photographers have, but I still think it would be better not done here.

More to follow later, have a great day.



  1. Alison March 21, 2011 at 11:09 AM #

    lol …..what happens if they change partners? Glad you had a good outing on Sunday….. I myself went for a spectacular 15km hike and if you like I’ll send you the link to my Picasa album because I think you’d enjoy the scenery
    (I’m afraid they’re only snap shots though)

  2. Adrian March 21, 2011 at 2:32 PM #

    Hi Alison

    15km nice one well done, bet you slept well? yes please do send me the pictures would love to see the area, doesn’t matter what the shots are like, I am never critical I wasn’t there so I cant say if I would have done any different can I…..humble you see were all as good no one is better at this game, remember that its about you enjoying your view and what memory or thought it provokes.

    rant over…lol

    looking forward to a view anyway

    sunshine for a change lovely day


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