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Back to work Monday hey! how depressing, not to worry we had a fabulous weekend at Loosehill and Castleton with my sister and her hubby and another couple George and Lorraine. we had a coupe of lovely little walks into Castleton and on Saturday came across The Powderkegs 10th Birthday dance.

The Powderkegs began in 2001 from a small group of “groupies” of the Chapel-en-le-Frith Morris Men, they dance Cotswold in a men only side. We saw Border Dancing at weekends away and it looked great fun – we wanted to have a go. We live near the Peak District and could not find a local side to join so we decided to start our own. We went for a workshop with the Flagcrackers who taught us 2 dances to get us going  – Upton stick and Hey up Joe. We headed back for the hills with 12 willing (well most of them were) dancers and musicians.

Luckily the weather played fair for them at least, on Saturday night there was a fantastic full moon , so I was all set for a moonlight jaunt up Mam Tor but all too quickly it disappeared behind storm clouds and then the rain came, and it came ….  Didn’t bother us too much as there’s nothing like the rain patting down on the caravan roof as you lay there all snug and warm, I could just hear the gentle breathing from Stormy as she lay at the other end of the van, nothing phases her and she just takes all in her stride never complaining…little love she is.

I managed to get several shots of the Powderkegs, great bunch of guy and gals, so nice to see we have this type of culture alive and well in our area, they drew great crowds and I’m sure new followers. Very good for Castleton and the area’s tourism.

Will post more later

enjoy the week and batten down those hatches, big winds a comin’




  1. Alison September 12, 2011 at 8:49 AM #

    Oo oo…scarey bloke… looks a bit more ‘butch’ than your average Morris Men scene…lol. Glad the weather kept fine for you all while you were out and about. We also went to see a musical street festival this weekend in which my daughter was performing…it was so hot!Seems that it’s going to be a bit blowy over there….doesn’t it ? and guess what, here it’s sunny for a change!

    • Adrian September 12, 2011 at 3:55 PM #

      yeah he looked good didn’t he?, there were loads of them, really nice bash…. bet yours was ace specially with the hot weather, seen the pics on fb, great stuff.
      darn breezy today and getting worse, still Joanne’s happy the washings dried lovely, getting my ABIPP material ready for my assessment in Dec, going to take me 3 weeks to do it all, has to be in 25th October….phew

      enjoy the weather I’m not too jealous


  2. Alison September 13, 2011 at 8:59 AM #

    Good luck in getting all your prep done for your ABIPP qualification. Don’t know how you manage to fit it all in with all your trips here and there. What will the qualification mean for your work?

    Have a great time in Skye and I hope that the conditions are good for you.( Will Stormy be going?…. A silly question perhaps?)

    • Adrian September 13, 2011 at 9:05 AM #

      Hi Alison

      yeah hopefully it will enable me to quote for more corporate work clients, it’s really about proving ability in what you do and the processes you use, I have my 25 prints ready to go just need my paperwork side business plan workflow etc to complete, I have one I did for my LBIPP so I can sort of update it.

      And of course Stormy’s comin, it’s as much about her as my photography to be honest, both my passion…she gets all the attention the little cutie.
      Just going to try a training sess at the gym, see how my back feels, wish me luck

      still V windy here! bet its sweltering there you lucky thing


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