Boat Pool Sunset Rocks

Boat Pool Rocks

oooohhhh I do hate it so when talentless vacuous weasel steal ideas from your your website and tries to undercut you on workshops and tuition especially when they are unqualified and don’t and can’t do photography professionally…roll on a code of conduct where you have to hold a teaching qualification as a trainer. The more diluted this market place gets with these weekend warrior  wannabe’s who give their 2nd rate work away for free the more harm it will do to credible professionals who care about the true and meaningful side of their art and nature.

I’m sure  the public will see through them and realise that price does reflect quality and people who spend their hard earned money on framed prints know that it has been produced again by qualified framer and not some wannabe in his bedroom with a Woolies special frame and a cheap inkjet printer….lol

If you think you are that good try it full time and learn how difficult it is as  professional to make a living when people like yourselves are out there, you’d soon have a change of heart I’m sure


Buyers beware, there really is a difference in quality and professionalism.

Rant over, oohh I feel so much better for that

Today’s shot is again from the Boat Pool, this time the tide had retreated and revealed more of the rocks and seaweed.  Love the clouds on this shot.


have a great Sunday




  1. Glyn August 7, 2011 at 12:12 PM #

    Hope you not on about me bro ! lol , email me bud with details. lets hope he has a blog 🙂

    • Adrian August 7, 2011 at 1:30 PM #

      he’s a first rate one mate…lol. Does you good to let it out now and then.

      how could it be you, you’re a pro bro


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