Sutton View

Sutton View


Yes i know, the composition isn’t spot on but when life gives you lemons, find someone who life gave vodka!

It was just after midday and the wind was nearly blowing me over the edge and believe me I was really only a few inches from meeting the big man himself, Jo called me back as she didn’t want to drive home on her own, all heart she is, NOT

Its one of those places where even though it’s quite busy especially a Sunday afternoon and so accessible for all ages you get a great sense of peacefulness. I did a sunset here last year but the weather was terrible, i think I will make a comeback real soon.

I have a couple more to upload later that show the vastness of the view, including a little bit of heather

The road up to it is very steep indeed, on our way back down a flatbed truck had lost it’s load of scaffolding planks and the guys were frantically trying to reload while onlookers thought “rather you than me mate” I certainly wouldn’t have stood at the back of an old truck parked on one of the steepest gradients in England, I googled it and apparently 120 HGV’s failed to get up it and some 400 required police assistance….not for the faint hearted.

Quiet day today, deliveries coming in, business insurance to sort and renew…thats a day job in its self and a couple of shots to sort for customers.

Back out tomorrow, in fact I think were going to do some cavern photography, should be fun

have a great day



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  1. Glyn August 31, 2011 at 4:57 PM #

    Hi mate, just catching up with ur blog., great shot. You can see for miles !

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