Carl Wark – A Winters Walk

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Is it Tuesday already, the last 10 days seems to have blurred by so fast, it will be Christmas Day before we know it, getting so excited, family coming for dinner, my favourite part, it’s particularly  important as my uncle Eric is still in hospital with Leukaemia complications of treatment so we’re really hoping things will be settled down enough for him to be home with us for the day.

In the meantime I’m suffering with ManFlu……..I hear all you women groan at my comment!, it’s a true medical condition I tell you, I have it pretty bad this time too, chest infection, headaches, shivers you name it, even Jo admits I have it bad this time instead of calling me a whimp! Anyway I’ll brave it through and ride the

Today’s offering is a walk in The Peaks, Carl Wark, the iron age hill fort on Hathersage Moor, a steady little walk with great views across the peaks, usually quite busy but I had it pretty much to myself on this occasion.

Tomorrow is the last day for print sales that will be delivered in time for Christmas, so get those orders in NOW


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