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Porth Y Post Sunset Rays

Porth-Y-PostIt’s Friday Yaaaay!


what a week of running round to get everything together for my Fellowship, checked and triple checked it’s now on its way to BIPP HQ a full week or so of the deadline for submission….I’m taking no chances with the weather and deliveries. It’s in the lap of the Gods as they say now, everything crossed.

Today’s picture from Porth Y Post, Anglesey. I’ll be heading there real soon, we deserve a rest and I certainly need to be in the sea again, puppies and Stormy need to run on a beach too so if only for them we’ll get off in a week or so.

Just been asked to do all this years event shoots for Barnsley Hospice which I have graciously accepted. They took great care of Richard my brother in law in his latter stages and battle with cancer so I can never really do enough for them.

Have a great weekend all



Elgol View

Elgol-6 Happy New Year everyone

a massive thank you to those who have supported my move away from social media, really was getting ridiculous, I had loads of images stolen and the daily supply of upsetting images displayed by certain people and groups was very disturbing, time and a place and I’m afraid it was just too much.

All marketing will be done through this site now,  I’m so pleased that trafic flow has quadrupled since the social media cut off and I haven’t even begun the campaign.

Today’s image is from Elgol,  Skye looking across to the Cuillins with a claw of sea overlapping the foreground rocks, really was a beautiful evening….more to follow.



Northumberland Boulder Sunset

Northumberland-Boulder-SunsetFeel Free To Share, Tag and I love Your Comments.

A very good Thursday all, hope you are all bearing up well with the Weather Bomb! we’ve see plenty of rain over the last few days, now we’re hoping the white stuff will land by the weekend and stay till the new year (I know lots of you will hate it, but for a photographer with 4 Huskies it’s heaven sent)


On a serious note I’d like to thanks my friends and FB friends who out of their love of dogs and friendship bought packs of my husky puppy Christmas cards from me, we raised out of the sales and additional £76 which will be sent to the team in the new year. You may never know just how much you contribution will make to save dogs in Thailand from a horrible untimely death for the meat and fur trade so once again.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, you are certainly my true friends and remarkable humans.

Mountain Rescue Christmas Cards are selling really well and again many thanks to all who have bought these, lets hope you never need the service but it’s fantastic should you ever need it, and remember it’s run by volunteers with big hearts.



Neist Point – The End


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Friday at last and a busy weekend of shoots ahead.

Barnsley Youth choir tonight and tomorrow night followed by Jagged Edge gig later Sat night then an early shoot for the first Barnsley Junior Park Run at Locke Park, should be fun, the camera will be smoking!

One of the last shots at Neist Point Skye before we headed home some 500 miles and 9hrs away, when all the other photographer had gone there was just Chris and myself there , this is when you realise just how awesome a place this is. Not very often you get a place like this to yourself but when you do its best to enjoy it and breath it in as much as possible. you can hear the waves crashing and the sea birds calling to each other, at this point you realise just how insignificant you are to in the grand scheme of things and that this world is so beautiful with all its amazing places and creatures…one of those places you feel truly free and forget your everyday life. So well worth a trip.

Have a great weekend all



Elgol – Hop Skip And A Jump



Black Friday!!!!! fffttt

Its a wonderful bright and glorious day, the weekend begins, OK so its raining and miserable here in Barnsley but who cares, some days you just got to thank your lucky stars.

Finally managed to sort out the new lighting system and sponsorship so orders going in today, fantastic deal on what is the best location lighting system out there, will be great with the band shoot and up and coming model shoots in The Peaks.

Today’s shot surprise surprise is Elgol …..AGAIN, I know but it just kept giving, beautiful sunset lighting up the Cuillins and foreground rocks as the waves lapped peacefully against the shore, a great place to think.

have a great weekend and avoid the torment of shopping and take you dog for a walk you’ll feel so much better instead.



Elgol Sunset


To say we only spent a few short hours at Elgol I certainly reaped a great crop of images, saying that it will be a long time before we return such is the drive. Sunset skies over the Cuillins certainly drive home the intensity of the scars down the distant mountains.

Got more commissions to start doing research for, 3 new locations and a band wanting something a little bit different so will need an awesome location, one of which I have in mind and time permitting will scope out this weekend.

have a great day



Elgol Sunset Swirl



Happy Monday all,

sun is shining and what a sunrise it was, pity I went to the gym after pooch walking otherwise I’d have been in The Peaks for a toggging session, yes I said Togging! thats before Pon says anything.

Another from Skye, Elgol looking across to The Cuillins as the sun set on our first night up there, got my feet wet but hey it’s worth it right? Still quite a lot to process so I think I have a great start to the book.

Be nice to have this weather all week.


Neist Point – The most Westerly point on the Isle of Skye, Moonen Bay to Waterstein Head

Neist-Point-1 PLEASE SHARE

Todays image still from Skye is a classic view of Neist Point, definitely stood in tripod holes from other photographers and I make no excuses for this as 2″ in front of me was a few hundred feet drop onto the rocks below. But as the book is based on classic UK shots amongst other things this suits perfectly.

Was a pretty good sunset albeit very brief as winter ones are with the addition of a bitter wind freezing your extremities, my Russian hat was a must (may look silly) but who cares, I’d rather be warm than fashionable.

iPhone picture courtesy of my very able assistant Chris Phillips

Adrian-Neaist-Point-HatAfter carrying out initial location searches I finished up at the cliff edge in the most dangerous of positions, which is about normal for me these days but it’s the only way to get “that shot” and so must be done.

Once settled down for the sunset we were joined by the throngs of other photographers and workshops…..always amazes me how we are first there and last to leave, I never go until I am 200% satisfied that nothing else will happen, I have learnt from driving away then  seeing a salmon pink sky in my rear view causing me to curse my misfortune!

Anyway as we completed our shoot and the other photographers had left we spent a last few moments soaking up what must be once of the most beautiful views on Skye,  I’ve been here before and seen the majestic sea eagle and pods of whales are known to frequent the area too.

After leaving we spent a while pondering whether to wait for sunrise or head back to Barnsley…………at 3am Sunday I rolled into my house with the best greeting a man could have, a loving and very understanding wifey and 4 huskies all wanting a cuddle, it doesnt get any better than this.

Waterstein Head


Elgol To The Cuillins


Morning all

had a very busy and eventful weekend away on the Isle of Skye doing the book shoot North West start. Chris and myself set off at 2am Friday and drove the 450miles northwards, fast forward 9 hours and we were at our first stop, this being the Fairy Pools (picture to follow), very tired but when you’re greeted with the eventual view of the Pools all weariness  disappears and excitement takes over, I’ll do a full eventful story on the pools later.

Todays image is from Elgol looking across to The Cuillin range, eventful it was as we were being stalked by a group on a photo tour workshop of some description, unfortunately the tutor if that is what he was had his group of about 10 (way more than he could possibly deal and be personable with) all lined up and proceeded to hurl abuse if you got anywhere near in front of his sheep, I mean punters!. after an brief exchange of words I think mine and Chris’s blunt Yorkshire approach made him see the futility of pursuing any further conflict, and he moved away rapidly.

Anyway this shot one of many to follow was actually shot with my 70-200 lens from the car park, below the shot were a line of said tutors sheep, I mean clienst all taking the same shot, When I teach a workshop I actively encourage the guys to explore and attempt even at a location as popular as this to find a position of their own to give a certain degree of individuality, after all it’d be pretty boring seeing the exact same shot over and over wouldn’t it?. This team followed us round to our last shoot at Nest Point and again all lined up like sheep for the same shot, a great way to teach is a small group that you can give your time to and the client feels they are receiving your personal attention when they need it and so learn from you, large groups just make you money not friends.


Loads more to follow



OK So I’m Not Perfect, Who’d Have Thought It?



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Autumn is here with a blast, brrrr, wind and rain and it’s set to stay a while now, will have to start getting my wet gear out now for the season.

Today’s shot just to show I make mistakes too and plenty of em believe me…BUT I do like the horse and thats what matters, I like it, I tend to shoot to sell such is the nature of a professional, I have to feed myself and the husky pack so going off  grid isn’t always an option unless like this one a mistake thats quite endearing and a little bit comical, won’t sell but you never know.

Enjoy your week all