Neist Point – The End


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Friday at last and a busy weekend of shoots ahead.

Barnsley Youth choir tonight and tomorrow night followed by Jagged Edge gig later Sat night then an early shoot for the first Barnsley Junior Park Run at Locke Park, should be fun, the camera will be smoking!

One of the last shots at Neist Point Skye before we headed home some 500 miles and 9hrs away, when all the other photographer had gone there was just Chris and myself there , this is when you realise just how awesome a place this is. Not very often you get a place like this to yourself but when you do its best to enjoy it and breath it in as much as possible. you can hear the waves crashing and the sea birds calling to each other, at this point you realise just how insignificant you are to in the grand scheme of things and that this world is so beautiful with all its amazing places and creatures…one of those places you feel truly free and forget your everyday life. So well worth a trip.

Have a great weekend all



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