Neist Point – The most Westerly point on the Isle of Skye, Moonen Bay to Waterstein Head

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Todays image still from Skye is a classic view of Neist Point, definitely stood in tripod holes from other photographers and I make no excuses for this as 2″ in front of me was a few hundred feet drop onto the rocks below. But as the book is based on classic UK shots amongst other things this suits perfectly.

Was a pretty good sunset albeit very brief as winter ones are with the addition of a bitter wind freezing your extremities, my Russian hat was a must (may look silly) but who cares, I’d rather be warm than fashionable.

iPhone picture courtesy of my very able assistant Chris Phillips

Adrian-Neaist-Point-HatAfter carrying out initial location searches I finished up at the cliff edge in the most dangerous of positions, which is about normal for me these days but it’s the only way to get “that shot” and so must be done.

Once settled down for the sunset we were joined by the throngs of other photographers and workshops…..always amazes me how we are first there and last to leave, I never go until I am 200% satisfied that nothing else will happen, I have learnt from driving away then  seeing a salmon pink sky in my rear view causing me to curse my misfortune!

Anyway as we completed our shoot and the other photographers had left we spent a last few moments soaking up what must be once of the most beautiful views on Skye,  I’ve been here before and seen the majestic sea eagle and pods of whales are known to frequent the area too.

After leaving we spent a while pondering whether to wait for sunrise or head back to Barnsley…………at 3am Sunday I rolled into my house with the best greeting a man could have, a loving and very understanding wifey and 4 huskies all wanting a cuddle, it doesnt get any better than this.

Waterstein Head


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