Mistical Beach

Northumberland-8Monday again, where does the weekend go?

well let me tell you  when you’re laid up with a dodgy knee it feels like 2 months, so frustrating I only hope in a couple of weeks that it will be better, still suffering from anesthetic hangover too, comes in waves of sickness not much fun!.

Jo has been awesome, I only hope I could be a tenth as good at caring if ever she was ill…..x

Still the long term looks good and really needed it doing, I just have to take it steady and let nature take its course  and not be silly, easier said than done for me.

Today’s little delight is from the Northumberland coast, this was late at night 22:15 and the sunset didn’t quit for another hour, in fact we couldn’t get the car back into the camp site and had to carry all our gear through a silent sleeping tents,……. worth every minute though I think you’ll agree.

Put some attached music with this one as I remember I had it on whilst standing in the sea doing the shot, just seems to go with it some how, its by Neal Schon, Song “Caruso” very fine guitar player from Journey and Bad English, two great bands, will have to learn this one I think. anyway controls are underneath so enjoy if you like cool guitar.


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