Daily Archives: April 27, 2011

Waterfall Four

Waterfall Four

Well its Wednesday at least, only tomorrow to go and were off to Clumber Park again, cant wait, Stormy will be  in for a treat, I got a springer bike attachment so she can run at the side of my bike…..should I book an ambulance now? Im going to try and video it 1st time out anyway, should be a laugh. She needs a lot more mileage than I can run/walk so my company on my bike will do her justice and clock up a few miles a day fitness for me.

Another shot from Lathkill, as you know by now I love water and have to be near it once every week or two, luckily Clumber Park has a massive lake so I’ll be down there wellies on and tripod in the water.

Don’t know if we will see the celebrations on Friday, my invite must have got lost in the post……good luck to them anyway

Anglesey was on Country File last night, I felt quite aggrieved I didn’t want it making public just how beautiful it is, I don’t want it swamping with 1000’s more tourists like me! in actual fact they did a pretty poor job of it and missed far more beautiful locations to film.