Stanage Sunset Sphere Trig

Stanage Susnet Sphere Trig

Happy Friday all, doesn’t this week seem to have flown by!, can’t believe it’s the weekend already.

Well after my great shoot on Monday I have done a couple of commission shoots the most memorable and interesting of which was at our local crematorium, really surprised  and displaced all those misconceptions I had about those places, such lovely caring people working there and the whole process is done with clinical process steeped in dignity and sympathy, certainly the way to go I think. Spent a good couple of hours there when it should have been a quick shoot, will be going back to do some sunset shots soon and they have an open day in May….I know it sounds daft but I think it’s beneficial if like me you had all theses misconceptions about crems, you know bodies sitting up etc etc, all a myth!, bodies are never seen, the coffin is never opened it goes in and that’s it, 2 hours later dust.

we came from dust, we go to dust!, I’m not afraid,

of dust anyway….lol

Still got a few more to post of the Stanage Sunset  Sphere project so will get those done next week. This one just catching the rays right, handheld my star filter in front of Singh Ray ND Filter.

Off to Spurn Point later for a sunset can’t wait, Stormy will be in the sea and me, well up to my knees as usual music blasting my ear drums and thanking God for such a scene. Ham butties at the ready as are Stormy’s treats.

Catch up with you all next week, have a great weekend




  1. Alison January 13, 2012 at 9:37 AM #

    Love the colours of these shots Adrian…I can imagine this on the cover of one of those relaxtion CDs ……mystical

    Enjoy your sunsets and ham butties

  2. Adrian January 25, 2013 at 7:17 PM #

    I know what you mean Alison, x

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