Spurn Point Sunset

Spurn Point Sunset Rays































Thought I’d start the week off on a high with this sunset shot from last Friday’s evening shoot at Spurn Point East Yorkshire.

Although this may look a serene scene its was anything but, the sand well mud was a good 1-2 feet deep in places and Stormy delighted in pulling me every way she could, her having web feet was far superior to my wellies. Anyway as I stood at the front composing this shot, a hundred yards of mud behind me, I thought mmhh a step back and as i did I realised I was stuck fast and had nowhere to turn or grab hold of! SPLAT back first into the mud like a snow angel, I was covered in it, upto my elbows as i pulled my self out gloves, watch everything black with smelly mud.

I hope you agree the shot was worth it, I certainly do, as Jo did 3 washes when I got home and all my gear is back to normal now, she’s worth her weight in gold bless her.

Very busy this week a couple more commissions on, and were away again at the weekend, so I’ll try and post a couple more before then. I took my trusty crystal ball with me so I’ll process one or two of those shot later too.


Have a great week all




  1. Glyn January 16, 2012 at 10:22 AM #

    Hi ya mate, just stopped laughing after picturing a scene with you falling over into the mud, lol. You do get yourself into these situations mind. I agree the shot was worth your splat, love the shadow from the post.
    Enjoy mate.

    • Adrian January 17, 2012 at 7:12 PM #

      Hi G, yeah took a few washes to sort out…..will I ever learn NOOOOOOOOO!!

      Hows tricks?

      best to all


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