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OK so I played guitar as well!

Hordron Sunrise Winter Moon

As the title suggest I thought what the hell it’s Christmas I’ll lay my soul open bare and let you into one of my secrets from a past life.

I used to be fairly decent on guitar and played in several rock bands, never I must say with any degree of success, probably cos we were but it was fun at the time. The track I have uploaded is from a different life, when I gave up playing in rock bands I tried to put something together that would sell, maybe TV program intro that sort of thing, anyway me and my mate Pete who is/was a great singer put a 4 track together and this is one of the songs, I Wrote the music, played guitar and co wrote the lyrics with Pete.

Have a laugh anyway

Just a quick thank you to my friends and customers who have helped make 2011 a great year for me and my work, I really appreciate it and some special people have helped put work my way too, so thank you.


Have a great Christmas and I hope 2012 brings you all health and wealth

Adrian Jo And Stormy

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Winter Tree

Winter Tree

A very bleak day out in The Peaks shows this weathered tree crying out for some B & W treatment, heavy snow clouds looming in form the rear, my first forage into this format, quite pleased with it and I like the contrast in the sky and clouds.

Weather forecast isn’t very nice for today or this week, blustery gale force winds, wintery showers……looooove it, got my winter gear all ready to go, 4×4 fueled up and husky champing at the bit, now do I do coast or moors?

Saying that I have a few prints to get ready and it’s nice and warm in the house, I know light weight! but you can guarantee someone will call for some work doing.


Have a great Tuesday all



A Winters Wark

A Winters Wark

Well its that time of year again, Winter is well and truly upon us, there are met office warnings of gale force winds and snow in Scotland….its so nice to be in a warm house with a mug of coffee and a furry husky by your side…I do hope she doesn’t want a walk later! Stormy was a very good girl at training class last night, though she was a little hyper, think she gets it from me.



I am now ABIPP accredited, I went to Aylsebury on Tuesday and had to present my portfolio to a panel of peers from the British Institute of Professional Photographers. It went really well and they gave me some great advise for the future and a super idea for a new project that will take me a further 2 years to complete, its so nice to rest for a while though as this has taken me nearly 2 years already to get this accreditation.  A very big thank you to my supporters out there you know who you are, very much appreciate the purchases over the last 2 years.

A very special thank you to Peak Imaging Ltd for their continued support and superb print quality, perfection every time, cheers Lee.

Also a couple of special of friends, Glyn in Germany and Alison in Spain, thanks for keeping it real. And Steve for the great help in Photoshop and Peaks Photographic companion as well as Workshop training partner.

By the way for those who thought the title “Wark” was a spelling mistake for “Walk”, it inst, it is of course Carl Wark Fortress looking up towards Higger tor….. Just me trying to be clever!

Stay safe and warm

Adrian…….. ABIPP,