Stanage Edge Sunset Sphere

Stanage Edge Sunset Sphere

Well I managed my first outing last night to The Peaks, Stanage Edge with Stormy. It was very breezy and cold but we were rewarded with a stunning sunset, deep amber and glorious oranges dancing across the windswept sky. I thought this would be perfect conditions to try out my crystal ball, not to do a reading …lol but to invert the sunset and create this wonderful image.

Believe it or not but the only ting I have done is to clean the dust spots and up the brightness, the glow and colour is from my ND filters, get them right and you are always rewarded with superb tones. I use LEE Filters “thats my plug done”

I can’t believe we were the only ones up there on such a beautiful evening then I realised it was 4pm and most people are still at work, makes me so humble to be able to to do this for a living professionally.

Stormy really enjoyed herself and a fell runner came up for a chat and marveled at here stunning looks, he thought she was so gorgeous….didn’t dare tell him this demur little husky had just been pulling me all over the place to get to the sheep!

will have about 6 or so variations of this shot to post so will do later. I am now following some great advise given to me recently that is to go out and return with just the ONE shot you wanted, too many photographers go out and try and produce dozens of images running everywhere to capture shots when if you stay put and get the composition right first time, why move…. I did this recently in Wales where I took some 300+ images of the same scene as the sun went down, this was to produce just one image that was part of my ABIPP assessment material…must work then.

Back out later in the week, the East Coast is calling!!!!!!





  1. Glyn January 10, 2012 at 4:01 PM #

    Hi mate, first glance, crikey I thought it was a water droplet ! Really like this one bud, different again coming from you. Nice read too.
    Enjoy your sea !

  2. Adrian January 10, 2012 at 6:38 PM #

    he he yeah it does a bit matey, gotta keep changing G, it’s the only way to progress and hopefully move forward. all the best mate


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