Think we need this!

Dumfries Sunrise

Thought with all this freezing weather we deserve a nice sunrise shot, especially so for me  as it’s day 2 of our heating and water boiler swap out and move, I woke up at 2am this morning and my nose was freezing, thank God for electric blankets, I stuck my head under the sheets and stayed there until 6am, Stormy jumped on at 3am ish and made herself comfy, screwed up into a tiny ball of fur, I think she was feeling it too.

Hopefully the new system will be something like and working today…I have an oil plug in radiator but you can watch the electric monitor jump from £0.13p per hour to £0.90p per hour and it makes me feel very conscious of its use, so it’s wooly jumpers on and my photography winter trousers on….bbbrrrrr. Must admit we’re looking forward to saving some money on the gas, the old boiler was 40+ yrs old and very inefficient . wonder if Jo will let me spend the savings on some new gadgets? probably NOT.

Looking forward to getting back out next week, been horribly stuck in while they do the boiler work, I certainly couldn’t do an office job ever again, I’d be staring out the window all day and end up getting sacked..


Good luck to my wonderful Mrs this afternoon got her exam in Databases and she’s feeling a little unsure of herself, she’ll do it, she’s better at them than me.

Roll on the weekend and hopefully a shoot or two


all my best



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  1. Glyn February 10, 2012 at 10:23 AM #

    Hi mate, sorry to hear your freezing, but Im assuming your getting a combi-boiler then ?
    and to say Stormy was feeling it too??? Surely she is bred to deal with such temperatures…Been a siberian wolf and that. 😉
    Got about 5 inch of snow here at mo, minus 10 out.
    Enjoy your weekend bud.

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