Susnet Purple

Sunset Purple

Using filters in photography is essential if you want to create something that’s not the norm or to enhance a scene. This one utilized a Singh Ray Reverse Grad and a lee .6 ND, the Singh Ray took off the bright glare from the middle area and allowed the sky and foreground to blend more naturally and the Lee .6 was used to slow down the shutter speed and help create the misty smooth feel to the sea ….simplez! other than that the hardest part is getting a darn good soaking and of course you have to be there……

Waiting for a phone interview this morning for “The Photographer” magazine, they are doing a full feature on me so very honoured indeed, all goes in the scrap book and hopefully it will bring more commissions my way, every little helps as they say.

Went to the RPS International print exhibition at Barnsley Civic gallery on Wednesday night, some fantastic images there and it was a great turn out, congrats to the Civic team for making it a superb event, mind you there was champagne and olives , yup olives, you know I never had one til i was 40 and when I did I wish I hadn’t….sheep droppings comes to mind..never again, made do with orange juice in the end.

Will hopefully make it out this weekend especially if the snow they have forecast materialises, Stormy will be ready with harness on waiting by the door no doubt.


Have a great weelkend




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