On the Bonnie bonny banks of….well not quite!

Loch Lochy Mist

I know, I know but it’s not a million miles away is it?


on my way from Ben Nevis up to Loch Ness, stopped in the lay by A82  for a you know what!, it was early morning and this was the scene….Instantly forgot all about a pee and quickly got my camera setup complete with Heliopan 105mm Polariser, I spent a good 30 mins taking shots at various angles of this site, I especially love the cloud/mist rising up from the loch such a peaceful place but within 30mts you have very heavy traffic hammering past at breakneck speed. Pity people don’t have or make time to stop and have 5 mins to see such sights hey?.

Tablets kicked in this morning and my back feels a little less tender so I may try a walk in a bit with Stormy, not letting her anywhere near the river Dearne again, I couldn’t stand the hour or so it took to clean her up again, very traumatic…

Sort of promised myself a jaunt to the coast this weekend, back willing!


all my best




  1. Olivier Rault February 16, 2012 at 10:02 AM #

    This is absolutely beautiful, well done ! I must spend my summer holidays in Scotland, I’m looking forward to it !

    • Adrian February 16, 2012 at 10:47 AM #

      Thanks very much Oliver, appreciate the comment, Scotland really is a beautiful place as is the UK, I think we spend too much time looking abroad to hotter countries for sun and sea when we have the richest of scenery here on our doorstep and France of course, my parents lived in France for 8 years near Pontivy a beautiful place.

      many thanks again


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