Portha Y Post Sunset

Portha Y Post

What a miserable morning here in Yorkshire, my thoughts have gone back to last trip to Anglesey and in particular my last night shoot at Porta Y Post, when ever I feel low which it isn’t very often me being uber happy, much to the annoyance of some I just stare into the sea or go up to the Peaks for a walk and hey presto normal service is resumed.

Had a lovely walk yesterday afternoon at Royd Moor for a commission client, Stormy had a great 5k hunt round, fortunately she didn’t manage to kill anything especially after the vole incident the other day, I ended up trying to do CPR on the poor thing, Mountain Rescue skills kicked in…sadly it passed away in my hand. Couldn’t really tell Stormy off, it’s what she does, She’s a husky and their prey drive is unbelievable.


Getting exhibition shots ready today.




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