As Requested

Waterfall off Llyn Ogwen Smooth

As requested by Alison, a re work of a shot I took down, I wasn’t quite happy with it, this is much more to my liking and the balance feels just right.

It was very windy and a little perilous  as there is a drop behind where I was stood on a slippery rock, wind almost gale force and the waterfall at full throttle….Still


What a location, going back in 2 weeks time to spend a day there, cant wait..

hope its to your liking Alison



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  1. Alison June 28, 2011 at 8:51 AM #

    Ha ha thanks Adrian that’s kind of you…I feel a bit guilty really as its your work and your blog after all ….its just that I particularly liked the brightness in the first shot, but if you weren’t satisfied well …you weren’t satisfied and as I know nothing about photography I just went on the first impression I got when I opened your blog..
    I see you’re having some rather nice weather over there, needless to say here it is VERY hot and the office air-con is belting out cool air. Not looking forward to tennis class this evening at 8pm when I’m sure it’ll still be around 30ºC ..I will no doubt melt

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