How We Suffer For Our Art!


Tongue firmly in cheek title! you may laugh but boy did I get a soaking for this one, behind me a 9′ sea wall and the sea already knee deep just lapping above my wellies…then I got hit by this and it was game over for the night. I made the shot then grabbed my tripod hoisted it above my head just as the main wave hit me up to my midriff….

Now I don’t know what women feel when hit by freezing cold water about their nether regions but as a man I can tell you the pain was quite alarming to say the least…I wonder if they do neoprene boxer shorts for photographers? now there’s an invention…better patent it quick .

The shot itself hopefully imparts the ferocity of the sea and it was extremely windy. I like to think that if I was going to go as it were this would be the way to take me to Tog’s heaven, but I was quite a  wussy and legged it after this

More to follow

scorching 25c here already 7am, this must be summer!



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