Daily Archives: June 24, 2011

Waterfall off Llyn Ogwen

Waterfall off Llyn Ogwen

Sometimes you have take a step back and look at your work, I did this with the other waterfall shot and decided it was rubbish!

Although I like the smooth creamy water I think this version is far better, it gives a feeling of power and bleakness, bet it would look fantastic in winter…one for another trip I think.

Anyway this one has made it onto the website sales list , the other deleted..you have to be harsh sometimes and truth be told I wasn’t too sure when I started the processing of the other one where as this version instantly seemed right…you are your own worst critic comes to mind, better I spot it now.

I have another 10 ready so far plus another 10 to process so plenty to go at, were back in Wales in 3 weeks to complete my summer shoot, cant wait alreay as I scouted a few new locations and just need the right weather.

Peaks this Sunday with Jo and Stormy, I’m  Goathland, Whitby working tomorrow…I feel fish and chips coming on..wwwhhheeyyy


have a great Friday