Point To The Sun

Point To The Sun

I was going to enter a few competitions after last years success but after a conversation with Mr C the boss and my mentor of Landscape photography he said

“I reckon that winning competitions is a bit like passing exams, not necessarily the same as really knowing the subject, it’s more about knowing what is likely to please the examiners.” and lets face it you pay to enter, you fool!!

So guess what, my money is going to stay in my pocket this year and advance my technique instead. If a competition is for free then yes its worth having a go to win something maybe….only mugs pay to enter.

You see I’m finally learning …lol, leave the comps for the amateurs a famous photographer once said…how true

Today’s shot is as promised Rhosneigr, Anglesey, Broad Beach…well it is wide..lol

Never fails to amaze me that when the sea and light is as beautiful as this the locals aren’t down there sitting with a cup of tea watching the sun go down, When we finally move there my mission will be not to own a TV but to treat this view as my evenings entertainment, I know Stormy will approve.

Writing course notes today, it got to 35c in my studio yesterday, Stormy laid on the glass table on the decking to keep cool, she’s no fool then Jo came home and we got Stormy a little paddling pool..she loved it (Stormy that is) padding round with her over sized paws and blowing bubbles as she buried her head in the water..little things eh.

more to follow



  1. Glyn June 28, 2011 at 12:45 PM #

    Hi mate, Nice shot this one. You are right about competitions, I do the same, if it costs,I give em a wide birth. Just to let you know I will be coming to the UK last 2 weeks in August (hopefully) Could do with some B&B information in wales if you have some..near the coast. laters

    • Adrian June 29, 2011 at 6:28 AM #

      Cheers G..
      oohh the heather will be out, you should get some great shots in, where do you think you are going in Wales, will you make it to Anglesey? we’ll have to sort something out


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