With An Added Touch

Porth-Y-Post-Lens-FlareHappy Easter all

don’t be eating too much chocolate will you, wish I could, this darn diet forbids it lol, still the weight is coming off nicely so I’ll stick at it.

I don’t usually edit anything other than levels, saturation and dust spots on my shots but I thought this would look nice with a lens flare right of the horizon, edited flares can be a little too perfect as software generally can lose the emotional feel of reality but it makes for an interesting shot at least. Already sold a copy so I pleased with that.

Out with the Husky pack later, Stormy is doing well after being spayed, getting back to her old mischievous self, we’re so pleased she’s ok, was quite worried after she had it done as she went very quiet which just isn’t her,  anyhow she’s eating and having a little walk which is all good.


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