Castlerigg View

Castlerig-ViewHi All and happy Friday…….see it came round quick enough


Just a quick update and upload today as I’m busily getting the house ready for a view, fingers x’d we have some lovely people coming over the weekend to see if our house meets their needs and more importantly expectations, hate doing stuff like this but its a step closer to our dreams which involve the north Welsh coast, huskies etc etc etc…ONE DAY

Today’s shot is a view from the stone circle at Castlerigg, right time right place again as it lasted a matter of seconds until the cloud took hold once again and blackened the sky and game over. This is why tell my students you have to keep going over and over until it’s right for you, chasing the light is second nature to a landscape photographer, we learn more patience than the average tog and this helps when it comes to doing commercial work and especially children and pets.

anyway back to my cleaning and jobs that Jo has left me with.

Wish us luck with the viewings and have a great weekend what ever you’re doing.


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