Sunset Rocks

Sunset Rocks

Been really busy lately so I’ll keep this short and sweet, Just completed the Christmas light, fireworks and German market shoots for Barnsley, really enjoyed myself and got to meet Bob the builder, she was very nice…..can I say that?…today was the heritage minister and lotto shoot for the regeneration of Barnsley’s fantastic Town Hall, they have done a magnificent job, looks so beautiful, very proud of my town.


Below a couple of shots from last night, looking forward to a little break now…….


have a great weekend





Barnsley Town Hall








Barnsley Fireworks


  1. Glyn November 26, 2011 at 11:59 AM #

    Hi matey, really nice Barnsley shots, makes a change for you don’t they. Next you will be doing Macro shots! Good on ya-bud.
    Been down in the dumps lately ,and to top it off, Kira had her 5th Seizure in her life time last saturday morning, spent a couple of days in hospital. Shes fine now though.
    Managed to get out yesterday with camera doing freezing frosty shots, had our first snow, but just a covering.
    All the best bud for the festive season. We will be going to Berlin for christmas, most likely last week in December.


    • Adrian November 28, 2011 at 9:01 AM #

      Lo Matey

      down in dumps, why, you got it all and dont see it, lovely wife daughter doing what you love….things will not just happen you have to keep at it and persevere…its the love of the game that keeps me going, and doing the BIPP assessments so you know you are improving in standards and technical ability. You can do this from over there you know, I can be your mentor if requested.

      poor little Kira, bet it was scary mate, I hope they get on top of this, i know kids can grow out of it but it would be nice to have nailed while in her youth, fingers ‘d for her. I would love Christmas in Berlin mate, I know your not in the centre but you can certainly get there for a trip in cant you?

      Hows Katja’s job going? hope all improves for you bro, keep me informed


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