Beach N Bouy


Hot Friday or what?, still red hot weather and its the weekend so expect loads of

For some unknown reason I have a swollen neck and itching, best I can come up with is an infection, or I got bitten last night, either way it’s not good the day before surgery, I have taken antihistamine and I’ll see if I can get some antibiotics later off the Dr providing I don’t have to wait a week for an appointment that is, other than that I feel great.

looking forward to a bit of a rest actually once my knees done and its so ready for doing the pain is definitely scoring high on the man scale of pain, akin to standing on a electrical plug pins up! OK maybe not that bad but still not very nice.

I’ll report back after tomorrow with the details, fingers x’d all will be better and I can get back to training properly, it been hold me back months now.

Hope you all have a great weekend


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