Sunset Rocks

Sunset-RocksHi all

well I made it back safe and well from my knee operation, mind you its very painful but hopefully it should  heal well as long as I’m careful and be good as new, I just need to rest it and follow the physio guidelines instead of me being pig headed and going our biking or walking! Jo is keeping a close eye on me now.

I had all the debris removed from under my kneecap and I think the surgeon said ligament alignment but I could have dreamed that bit as I’d just come round from the anesthetic, either way I’m very grateful to all the staff at the Claremont hospital Sheffield for all their professionalism and care, especially the ham salad sandwiches and big jug of percolated coffee which was a fantastic pick me up.

Today’s shot is a last sunset from Anglesey I took a couple of weeks ago, I had quite an audience for this one, a few families stood on the rocks watching and laughing as I got a right soaking as the tide came in, will I ever learn? NO, anyway it was well worth it as I’m sure it will sell well.

A big thank you to Jo my long suffering wife for looking after me so well  this last few days, even taking Stormy out at 5:45 for her morning walk in torrential  rain, gotta love her for it.

Anyway, rest time, yeah right, on with more pictures


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