Storm Warning

Storm-EXPLOSION  Hi all


can’t wait as I’ll be stood here tomorrow for my summer workshops programme, North Wales and Anglesey at its best, 5 minutes later there was an almighty storm, just managed to pack up in time and cover my cameras. There’s a lot to be said for heading out just before a storm, you get the most dramatic skies and nature at it most magical.

3 workshops to run up in Snowdonia and Anglesey, really looking forward to making some new friends with lots in common, Team Ashworth is coming along nicely with a steadily growing gang. Thanks guys.

If you see me and Stormy on Anglesey, do come along and say hello, Stormy gives great kisses for treats.

We have with PWCGwynedd on the 7th September a great Jet Ski event from Blackthorn Farm, really looking forward to catching up with the guys and doing the shots for the website, hope the weather delivers guys…..I’ll be the idiot stood chest deep in the sea while you fly past me!


great song attached, goes nicely with the image. Pink Floyd – Marooned





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