Winscar Reservoir Sunset

Winscar Reservoir Sunset

Had an outing last night to catch the sunset at Winscar Reservoir, met up with Gary Stevenson, thanks for the company and a great chat. The conversation as it usually does got round to “why do people buy photographs”, is it because they remind you of somewhere you have been a memory….but why don’t they take them for themselves they have hi res camera phones nowadays.

I believe very strongly in creating an image that evokes emotion, hopefully a happy peaceful one not a dreary dark image although they may have a place in photography but not generally on your living room wall. With the use of filters I try and exaggerate and enhance the light, colour and overall feel of the location, smooth dreamy water  with glowing sun kissing the surface, ” if M & S did reservoir shots” and all that….but it SELLS and that’s the fact. Sometimes reality isn’t enough, sometimes we don’t want to have to use our imagination to create emotion, the image can do all this for you.

My emotion,

“as I sat on the bank of the reservoir alone tripod spread full stretch to the muddy bank, the wind whistling round my head kicking up drops of cool water and  splashing my face. The sun dipping behind the distant rocks as though winking good night  and casting a golden glow across the surface for me and for me only. The foreground rocks still warm from the days sun begin to cool and the remnants of light fade from their rugged edges. Geese fly by looking for a safe nighttime location to rest their wings in contrast to the drifting clouds, then you realise, all is well”.

Funny isn’t it but writing this brought back everything I felt whilst there last night, it’s how I see every shot I take, there isn’t a shot on my site that doesn’t contain part of my emotion and passion for this work, well it isn’t work its LOVE, and if I can pass on 1/10th of my emotion to you the viewer then I’m honoured.

Again many thanks to Gary, look forward to the next outing

have a great Wednesday


ONE SHOT. ISO 200, f/22, 47s, Lee Big Stopper, Lee Clear Mist

I just noticed there is a marshmallow mans face on the right in the clouds…



  1. Alison May 25, 2011 at 4:05 PM #

    Oh no !!! Just wrote a long blurb and comment about this post, got the CAPTCHA code wrong and the message has disappeared and now I’ve got to shut of the computer and skip off.
    Drat !! Will try again tomorrow.

    • Adrian May 25, 2011 at 4:06 PM #

      hope it was a good one…. sorry I’ll try and take it off for you


  2. Glyn May 25, 2011 at 4:17 PM #

    Mate, this is a beaut ! Im trying to ignore the marschmallow bloke top right, but aside from that , it seems sometimes the more simple the comp, the more effective it can be.This is a good example. The words are abit deep for a wednesday afternoon mind, but then again I see where your coming from. nice touch

    • Adrian May 26, 2011 at 6:56 AM #

      Sometimes you just gotta role with it mate… there a male “going through the change”


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