Sunset Crown

Sunset Crown

What a night of wind its been! and before I get the comedic comments I do mean the weather. The whole house was shaking at 3am, TV news says it was 90mph, I haven’t had a good look round the house yet to see if there is any damage to the roof, will check in a while.

This shot is from Wales, Rhosneigr my spiritual home, Jo knows as soon as we get there be it in a house, caravan or tent I am lost to the sea and happily stand knee or waist deep in it watching and waiting for the right composition. The light on this one was just perfect with the misty sky giving the crown effect to the setting sun, the foreground rock giving interest with its bright green seaweed and reflective sunlight bouncing from it.

Kit list for this shot
Canon 1ds MK III, f/22 0.4s ISO 100
Gitzo GK1581OT Tripod plus Sand Feet
Lee .9 ND Grad, Heliopan 105mm Circular Polariser

Hoping for an outing tomorrow morning into the Peaks for a change, not been for a while as it’s tending to be flooded with photographers at the moment. Hopefully get into somewhere a little different from the norm.

All the best


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