Sunburst on Rocks

Sunburst on Rocks

Well it’s the New Year, Happy 2012 to all, I hope it brings you much good health and prosperity.

We’re back now, had a great short New Year break at Clumber Park in the Caravan, had a few good outings with Stormy doing the bike pulling she loves and as per usual we were in bed by 10pm NY eve! not one for partying anymore, I love being in with Jo and Stormy.

Now as for New Years resolutions, I already don’t drink don’t smoke and don’t eat rubbish so here’s my list

Buy a place on the coast at Anglesey….no point in staring small is there?,  it’s a dream I know but you never know

Get my back right and start training again, 19st plus so I need to get back into it big style

Get out more with Stormy on the bike and finally

Start the book and get the Yorkshire Calendar done

So whats on your list then?

Attached image is from my Scotland trip, this is the one where I fell down a crevice and cut my leg and hand, it fell dark very quickly indeed, luckily I had my father in Law with me and a couple of torches and we eventually made it back around the coast to safety…they hadn’t yet sent a search party out for us,  Jo was still watching TV but Stormy saw us miles away bless her.

Well the weather is appalling now, gale force winds and rain and I’m stuck in waiting for Virgin to come and install broadband, had my fill of BT, years of loyal patronage  and they try and screw me on a new contract, they’ve now lost me for good.

Hope everyone is OK this week, stay safe and warm



  1. Alison January 3, 2012 at 10:35 AM #

    Happy New Year Adrian !!
    Scarey story about the crevice Adrian..always a good idea to take a torch out and about with you.

    …and on my list, well the usual, lose a few kilos, be more organized and be more decisive (maybe…lol)
    All the best for the coming year to you and yours.
    p.s very sunny today, could do with some rain.

    • Adrian January 3, 2012 at 4:16 PM #

      Happy N Y Alison, you want rain, lol come over here it’s lashing it down, sleet you name it!
      Simple guide to losing weight, never fails and I do it for summer every year, ” do more and eat less” I guarantee you it will work.
      Got super fast broad band in now too, 50mb download wwhhhoooo. All the very best to the family


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