Simple – I wish I was there now

Sandsend Dreamscape

Although a very simple composition I love the feel of the warm sun on the boulder I remember it on my neck and shoulders as I stared out to sea gazing into the deep blue waters and sky. It always makes me feel closer to my mum (even though she wasn’t buried at sea)lol….. she couldn’t even swim but she had an affinity with the sea and like her I need to be near or in it every few weeks.

I think with mothers day coming up this weekend this image made me think of her like she was here and not passed away some 10 years ago, it’s amazing how time really does go by but the memory of that day is like yesterday, I guess it always will be and hopefully will stay that way. Mum was a water colour artist and the worlds most terrible cook, she used to put dinner on and go and paint, when she smelled burning dinner was done, we grew up thinking all food was supposed to be black and crispy!!!!

I managed an early run this morning with Stormy 5:30am, started getting into it now, I have never been a runner but needs must and Stormy gets some good exercise so I’ll stick at it, I was given some good advise about buying the best trainers and boy does it help, like running on clouds….well nearly! Breakfast was Pomegranate, banana and orange and my essential coffee, then it’s off to teh gym for 10am. I will get fit again!


Have a great Wednesday



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