Forest Burst

Forest Burst


As I went for a run yesterday morning at Clumber Park the sun had already reached the forest canopy but fortunately the mist was still settled in between the trees, Stormy was champing at the bit to run on so we made it a sprint to get back and collect my camera, 1DS is far to heavy to run with so Jo what a wonderful wife has let me buy a Canon S100 should be here this week, can’t wait as it’s a beaut little compact. Anyway made it back to van and collected the big camera and made it to this location as quick as possible. I was very lucky as 5 mins later the mist had all but gone as it was burnt away by the sunrise.

I managed a few more shots of the frosty forest floor and then had a lovely walk back to the van for breakfast, Stormy had a good sniff round the undergrowth no doubt searching for food….she’s started eating properly, its only taken 18 months to get her onto a proper diet, Huskies are notorious bad picky eaters.

Hopefully post another later


have a great week all




  1. Glyn March 13, 2012 at 11:56 AM #

    Nice one matey, a def wall-hanger. Ar lass likes doing these shots so she will like this.

    For stormy, I think next you might get her Arm-bands ! , or a parachute ! lol


    • Adrian March 14, 2012 at 1:11 PM #

      thanks mate, yeah really like it myself now, got a couple of these, I’ll post later….

      just see Stormy in arm

      hope you are well mate


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