Forest Lane – Sunrise Mist

Forest Lane - Sunrise Mist

Happy Friday all……thanks goodness it’s here.

Very nearly managed to kill stormy at 6am, out for a run and she darted across the front of me to get to another dog as I set off running again and received and toe straight in her ribs, she squealed like I have never heard her before, poor little thing, I must have really hurt her, took 5 mins rubbing while she squeaked at me….she’s OK now albeit a little nervy of me, going to take some chewdles to bring her round.

This shot again from the weekend shows the intensity of the sunrise on a frosty morning, I had my polariser on which only just enabled me to pick out the blue sky top right, it wasn’t visible really with the naked eye as the light was so bright.

I have taken delivery of my Canon Powershot S100 compact camera, what a piece of kit, love it especially the slow motion video bit, great for capturing Stormy bombing around, when she isn’t hurt by a bad owner! I feel soooooo bad

Got some great stuff happening tomorrow. I’ll report back on Monday


have a great weekend




  1. alison March 16, 2012 at 9:06 AM #

    I feel really terrible if I accidently hurt one of the dogs…I desperately want them to know that it wasn’t intentional but I don’t suppose they can work that out. And then it’s them that come with their ears lowered all submissive ’cause they think they’ve been naughty.
    Lovely shot Adrian is the location near to where you live or were you away somewhere?

    Have a good weekend

  2. Adrian March 16, 2012 at 12:25 PM #

    Hi Alison

    Clumber park its about 40mins away, not too far. Stormy appears to have forgiven me, I would rather hurt a human any day!! have a great weekend, weather looks good over here at the mo for a change.


  3. Glyn March 17, 2012 at 9:43 AM #

    Mmmmm, forget the doggles, arm-bands ect…Stormy needs body armour ! you daft sod. Poor Stormy, Kira sends a hug.

    Nice shot this one, picture-postcard. Enjoy your clumber visit. Weather great here, bike ride later with kira.
    later bud.

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