llanfairfechan Blue Moon

llanfairfechan Blue Moon

Monday morning, the rain is coming down, it’s cold and windy and it’s the start of the working week….think I’ll go back to bed!

Hopefully this shot from Penmon looking towards llanfairfechan on the North Wales coast will help chill you out. It was a great full moon and the graduated filters increased the sultry blue tint cast across the sea and sky with a hint of the reflective sunset from behind me hitting the sky and mountains.

As Im often asked how I produce these types of shots I’ll give you the EXIF data.

First and most important, BEING THERE!

Canon 1DS Mark III

EF16-35mm f/2.8L USM

ISO 100


25 secs

35.0 mm

Lee .9 ND Soft Grad

Lee .6 ND Glass

Manfrotto Tripod, Muck Boot Artic Wellies and a smug grin (doing what I love)

In Photoshop Raw I level the shot to straighten the  horizon, adjust the exposure, recovery and saturation, then open into Photoshop CS5 where I spend  time removing spray and dust spots from the shot, my biggest bugbear on photos, I hate seeing them, I do this at 400% image size to ensure the shot is totally clean, sad I know, then it’s just a resize and save for web apps etc etc. I enjoy this part as much as taking the shot, I feel the same emotions in front of my Mac that I do standing in the sea taking the shot…double the pleasure.

now you know what I use and how I do it and hopefully a little insight into why.


Have a great week


  1. Alison July 18, 2011 at 9:41 AM #

    Brrr….I’ve just shuddered…this scene looks very wintery to me athough you took it just a few weeks ago didn’t you?
    Hope all this cold windy weather disappears for next week for our UK visit…I want to escape from the heat but I don’t want to have bring my thermals with me..lol
    Have a good week

    • Adrian July 18, 2011 at 9:45 AM #

      Don’t panic the weather is fine apart from the rain it’s a little cooler but not as cold as the shot looks, it was very blue but the filters I use make an even colour cast of blue, generally i can adjust down bit like this too much. It was very blue though with that moon


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