Anadin Line

Anadin Line - The Boat Pool

Tongue firmly in cheek re the title,mind you are people old enough to remember The Onedin line from the 70’s, I can just remember it as it ran until 1980 and of course there’s good old “dave” channel…lol.  It was just that I had such a bad headache this night, I’d been in the sun too much during the day and must have some mild sun stroke or something. I gave up on sunbathing  a few years ago realising it’s boring and obviously isn’t doing me any favours plus there are better things to do like jet skiing and playing with Stormy in the sea, unfortunately the sun gets you what ever you are doing and just walking round produced this whopper of a headache.

Anyway the sunset didn’t disappoint and standing knee deep in the sea produced this image of the Boat Pool, an overnight stay over and anchorage point for small yachts and fishing boats

Some lucky people aren’t there?

have a great day



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