Pebble Beach, “far away in time”

Pebble Beach

OK so I got you singing “Echoe Beach, far away in time” in your head, it will be there for ages, I’ve had it buzzing round in my head for 2 hours now! it was a good song though.

This shot is from Penmon by the lighthouse, it was a beautiful sunset and the gold from the sun settled into a dip on the pebble beach, tight restrictions on composition here as there were fishermen everywhere, still I think its about right, I love the detail when blown full size.

On another note I’d like to thank Jeep for making a car that can withstand being hit from behind by an arctic lorry. I was coming off the M1 yesterday and was about to pull onto the roundabout when 20+ tons of lorry ran straight into my back end doing some speed.  It’s right what they say about slow motion, things flew everywhere. My car flew in the air and hit the roundabout centre barrier. Anyway, police cars, paramedic, then in an ambulance for an hour (finished up at Barnsley General, last night for check over as by back and neck felt worse) before I decided I dint want the hospital and they let me go, I have whiplash and lower back ache and a doozy of a headache where I nutted the steering wheel  but otherwise unhurt which as the police officer said was a miracle and mostly down to the construction of the car….The bumper and parking assist system has had it, the boot wont close properly and a scratch to the front end, oh and worst of all my Oakley Dispatch glasses flew off my head and are scratched £155 worth, that’s most annoying, they better pay for that!

Police are looking at prosecution for the lorry driver due care etc etc but it was an accident and I’m here so hopefully the pain will wear off soon and the car will be fixed, scary though I thought I had done worse to me at the time but it was shock. The guy came with the police to apologise, he said he nearly bricked it when he saw the size of not that I could have done anything.


Echoe beach far away in time, damn it , it just wont go from my head!





  1. Glyn July 20, 2011 at 9:12 AM #

    Thanks MATE, now I’ve got that bloody song in my head trying to remember who sang it, Git. A good shot bud, does look better in large format with the detail. Again Im sorry to hear about your accident bud. loved to have seen the blokes face when he clocked ya !
    I bet he did a small poop, lol
    Hope you heal ok mate, take it easy

    • Adrian July 20, 2011 at 9:17 AM #

      Cheers mate, Martha and the muffins, 1980’s , will have to youtube it in a mo to remind myself of the full song, i know it was good though, the driver did say he was pleased I didn’t get out to him, he was only little!



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