Deserted Island Queen

Island-Queen-4 Evening all, oohhh Dixon of Dock Green…….yes yes I know “who” I sort of remember it I think but then again I have listened to the David Tennant remakes on Radio 4 Extra, hope that settles that one…phew!! think i got away with it.


Anyhoo, todays is yes a portrait landscape, I don’t do many as they don’t sit well in the web page…only kidding, the mood and scene has to suit and the juxtaposition of the skyline and semi silhouetted wreck worked so well, had to be done.

Back up there in a couple of weeks and beyond, hopefully the weather will be kind to us again, failing that its the Northumberland run so I need to plan for both over then next week.

here’s to another eventful week, will be out in the Peaks later this week for a sunset.



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