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Distant Memories

Distant Memories

Its Friday at last, what shocking weather we have had this week eh? heavy rain then red hot sunshine!

At least we have a weekend to look forward to and me especially as I’m heading to Anglesey to complete my calendar shoot weather permitting, failing that just a good chance to catch up with friends and stand in the sea again.

This shot was taken last summer, I had finished a shoot on the other side of the bay and was on my way back when I called at Town Beach and couldn’t believe my eyes, now you may think this has been tampered with but trust me it hasn’t, as the locals will agree it’s quite a common sunset feature at Rhosneigr. There were quite a few people there just sat in awe at this spectacle and it lasted a good 10 minutes as the sun disappeared over the horizon. Everyone left feeling good and certainly more relaxed “just what the doctor ordered” I think the saying is, each wishing the others a good night, mind you this is common place in Wales as they are far more sociable than the English.

Hope this manages to make you feel a little less stressed and ready for the weekend